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How do website optimization companies define keyword strategies?

To do a good job in a website and do website optimization, you need to choose keywords first, then, how to define a keyword strategy, Beijing keyword optimization company米国生活Here are some suggestions for you:

keyword strategy

The definition of keyword strategy is to carry out a more cost-effective keyword screening plan through cost optimization and effect guarantee measurement according to the interests of the customer company. We analyze according to marketing theory and keyword optimization technology to obtain the key needs of customers. word list.

Sales Funnel Keyword Strategy

When we want our website to appear on the home page of a search engine, we must first ask which keywords appear. Although some customers are relatively strong, they are not wise. In order to choose keywords wisely, we must first analyze customers Business.For example, for us, customers in the foreign trade export industry, how should we do keyword strategies?
Customers in the foreign trade export industry may find us in the following keyword searches:

  • Foreign trade export
  • google optimization
  • Google SEO

They mean the same thing. If they find a Beijing SEO company, they may also bring up all three words, but the problem is that each word will require an SEO engineer to go through the optimization process, and only after optimization can the ranking effect be achieved.Search engines will not optimize one word and the other two words on the homepage because three words are synonyms. Why?Because of the principles of PageRank and hyperlinks, if you don't optimize the other two synonyms, although the search engine can translate semantics, it cannot directly give you cumulative weights and rankings.
So how should we filter the three keywords? What is the essential difference between them?
Foreign trade export: First of all, this is an industry word. People who search for industry words generally have a demand for the industry. They don’t know the industry or don’t know much about the industry before they search for this word. For the searchers of this keyword, we judge it as the top of the sales funnel. , the advantage is that the user is not an expert in the industry, and cannot grasp the depth of water in the industry (interlaced like a mountain), so they need to find a reliable partner to help solve the industry's problems. The needs are extensive but not sure about the specifics. How to operate, Gook Luck, whether you can find a reliable SEO supplier, you need fate.In addition, users who search for foreign trade export keywords may not be in a hurry to make a deal. They may be looking for a solution, which may be a large order, a small order, or no order.
google optimization: Google optimization is because foreign trade export needs to do English website construction, and when you already have an English website, you find that your website does not rank and visit users in Google search engine. At this time, you need to do Google optimization to improve the ranking of your website.Therefore, there is a high probability that the user of this Google-optimized keyword already has a website, which is just in need, and can directly talk about the Google optimization business.
Google SEO: When it comes to SEO, the first concept that needs to be understood to get started with SEO: Serch Engine Optimization.At this time, users of Google SEO keywords may already understand the conceptual principle of search engine optimization, and can basically judge whether the optimization method is reliable, rather than relying on luck.At this time, the needs of users are the strongest.

brand word strategy

In the article on the development trend of Baidu optimization, we mentioned that from keyword optimization to brand optimization, it is a necessary way to occupy the market in a segmented field or industry. If you want to develop into a well-known brand in the industry and gain market share, brand optimization and brand marketing is very necessary.

long tail strategy

It is to take the long-tail keywords of related keywords as the optimization target. These words may only have one search a day, a week, or even a month.Such as: Beijing Google optimization company, Beijing Google optimization supplier, foreign trade export service provider and other words, through the region (Place), city (Place), industry (Place), application scene (Promotion) and other attributes to extend keywords and find specific of search users.Expanded through the 4P marketing theory, Google optimization is a common word in the industry, we regard it as the product of the website, and we can expand the word through the attributes of marketing. Long tail words such as city, which is good, company, etc. are our practical experience. , Different industries need to be specifically defined according to the actual situation and theory.
Another example is 400 phone (Product) 400 phone handling (Promotion) 400 phone agent (Place), 400 phone price (Price).
Originally this was a good thing, but the domestic business environment, infringing and bad collection technology, the inaction of search engines or the lack of ability to attack, as well as the psychology of customers greedy for cheap and greedy for quantity, have led to a series of problems, and the SEO optimization industry. damage.

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