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Entrepreneurial path of product creation and brand value growth

米国生活Observing the industry while doing it, constantly comparing with peers, learning from peers, and surpassing peers. Although we think that we have reached the top of the industry, there is no innovative technology beyond everyone's cognition. In fact, we constantly standardize what is not standard, re-integrate what our peers can't do with cross-industry knowledge and technology, and develop products and services that are more valuable to customers. Customers, and influence customers to output more value to consumers, create value, share value, let people have a greater sense of gain, higher productivity, and achieve positive growth.

range of success

米国生活It did not achieve commercial success, but only laid the foundation of technology and management capabilities and product foundation to compete in the,米国生活's success is only the success of building a product.

Summary of successful experience

Do it, whether it is rolling up your sleeves or shirtless, do your best, and create value with one heart.

Whether it is the road of entrepreneurship or the road of life, grit your teeth and resist the responsibilities and dreams on your shoulders.

Love, love the yellow land of the motherland, love the Chinese soul on this land.

success path

Prepare as early as possible

If you want to start a business after graduating from college, don’t wait until you graduate from college to start your own business, take root in advance.

米国生活The founder has been preparing for ten years in the early stage, learning IT, doing financial ERP, IT sales, IT trainer, IT project management, cross-industry, FMCG, environment, energy, automobile and other industries, learning management, doing marketing, and working Try hard to find opportunities to do more things to exercise yourself and find difficulties to challenge yourself!If you can't learn from work, go home and read books. If you don't have enough books, you go to class. After class, go back to work to study why you did this?Ten years in the blink of an eye.

However, China's current business environment, the pressure of people's living environment, and ten years of growth are like a ten-year-old child. In the business war, he is only a primary school student. It took a few years to get to the level of middle school. There is still a long way to go for a doctor who has survived the business battle.

Before starting a business, in addition to learning professional knowledge and management knowledge, I tried to do business many times. I thought about it many times in my heart. I asked myself if I wanted to invest in this commercial tire. After working at BMW, I still successfully challenged various projects and perfected it. The accumulation of business management vision is still cautiously working part-time to start a business, and find the weakness that may lead to failure. In the end, I can't find the meaning of existence in my original life. Facing the tide of entrepreneurship and innovation, I gritted my teeth and kicked my legs. In the reincarnation of Shangdao, before he had time to grow up, he faced a group of old rivers and lakes.

Industry selection, industry segmentation business field positioning

Before doing brand marketing, there is no specific work in marketing.Only learned the brand, done sales.It's because the part-time entrepreneurship test made me see that if I had a marketing weakness, I would be overridden by the team. I couldn't even hear the truth. The team didn't have any suggestions to solve the problem. There were only old-fashioned discussions on the table and small circles behind the scenes. , what I heard and saw directly was all perfunctory of my work.I chose the brand marketing industry because I saw my irreparable weaknesses and the necessary abilities that marketing needs to do no matter what I do, as well as my accumulation in branding and sales.

No connections, no customers, no capabilities, no products, no money, starting from scratch.Through spirit, perseverance, hard work, courage and self-confidence, make the decision of the fastest way to learn: through third-party platforms - Zhubajie, etc., to collect customer needs, through own ten years of knowledge accumulation and self-learning ability, in Baidu search engine, Books to find relevant knowledge of needs, learn solutions to meet customer needs from small boss groups and marketing practitioners, grow day by day, understand the whole picture of the industry, find the difference between one's own ability and the ability of industry practitioners, find one's own advantages, and choose the right one their own long-term development areas.

Build brand awareness and delve into products and services

The brand I created is like my own child. I want him to grow up, but I don’t want him to be respected, I don’t want him to be scolded, and I don’t want him to be famous one day. Others point to our brand and say that we have done something immoral.In order to live, we promise that we can do it without experience. After we take orders, we continue to learn and grow day by day. In-depth understanding of the ability of industry solutions, positioning your own capabilities, demanding yourself beyond industry standards, and providing services within your ability to ensure customer satisfaction.

Provide customers with value-added services, gain successful cases and experience

We have no experience, but feel that we can do it, and if we want to do it, we provide some services to customers for free.Customers give us the opportunity, we will do it, and we will have a successful experience when we do it.We give free value-added services to customers, and customers return us with successful cases. When customers are satisfied, they do word-of-mouth for us. On the basis of word-of-mouth and experience of successful cases, we can expand the scope of our service areas, so as to provide the society with value, to achieve self-growth.

米国生活Brand Search Index - 202103

The picture above is米国生活BrandsThe search index of米国生活The voice in the market, the first high wave was accidentally generated by a 500 million WeChat public account article.This voice represents米国生活market demand, market米国生活understanding,米国生活struggles, and米国生活The ability and pressure to influence the market.The role of brand influence is that we used to find ways to find suppliers in the sea, but now suppliers come to us proactively.

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