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What is a brand and what is a brand not?

What is a brand and what is a brand not?In my countryBrandsUnder the guidance of the strategy of strengthening the country, we established the China Brand Day and the Brand Strategic Alliance to shorten the gap between Chinese brands and international brands at the national level, and to satisfy people's yearning and expectations for a better life through Chinese brands.From the entrepreneur level, we need to understand the essence of the brand, the characteristics of the brand, and the management method of the brand, in order to promote the realization of the brand power strategy.

Brand - what is the brand -米国生活

brand yes or no

To understand the essence of the brand, we need to conduct a simple analysis and elaboration through some similar concepts, and my analysis is different from the widely popular statement in the market, and even has a relative attitude.From four points, what is not a brand, what is not a brand, what is a brand, what is a brand.

what is not a brand

A trademark is not a brand.A trademark is the intellectual property that protects a brand.

Although there is an Encyclopedia entry saying that the brand entry should be written as the number of trademarks applied by a certain brand, I can only say that there are many mistakes in the Encyclopedia entry, and many of the reasons for the errors come from wrong review rules.Wikipedia is objective due to third-party citations, but not necessarily correct.The dissemination of incorrect encyclopedias gives people incorrect perceptions.

Wanciba Baidu Encyclopedia

We have many companies that have applied for trademarks, and when they are doing business, they will take the initiative to provide their trademarks.In fact, the cost of trademark application has been reduced in recent years. It only costs a few hundred yuan to apply for a trademark. How can we say that a trademark of several hundred yuan is a brand?Still, I'm glad to see more and more of us finding a sense of the brand.At the same time, I also feel very sorry, because the cost of trademark application has been reduced, more and more trademark scalpers have hoarded a large number of trademarks, which makes it more difficult for trademark registrants to walk on the trademark road.

what a brand is not

The brand is not a brand advertisement with a trademark as a carrier, nor a LOGO icon used for misappropriation.

It is not a slogan that takes the weakness of human nature as a breakthrough point, expands the market and wins a good reputation; it is not to make the world have no difficult business, and then, there is no offline business to do, and online business is difficult to do.Not because we embrace change, but change for the sake of change; we know that German craftsmanship is exquisite, and we also know that many German companies have been doing it for a hundred years, and most of our companies died in preschool, and few can experience the joy of adulthood. It is the time cost of changing too fast.

Brand is not a tool and means to obtain market value, but gradually formed a brand because it provides market value.

what is a brand

HM, Nike, Adi, ZARA, Uniqlo, GAP, New Balance, and Under Armour are brands, while Laoganma, Haier Refrigerator, Fuyao Glass, Gree Air Conditioning, Tongrentang, Xiaomi, Huawei,, DJI, and Li Ning are brands.The former is a foreign brand and the latter is a national brand.

what is the brand

The brand is the code name of high quality and the product of the market economy.Foreign brands are the way and means of capital operation, capital marketing, and capital to obtain surplus value, and a smoke bomb for foreign political interference in my country's social harmony and stability.

The capital value premium of the brand -米国生活

capital throughBrand Marketing, control the way the brand has on the market and market share, and deprive the world market of capital.We can all see shoes, clothes, and a dazzling array of foreign brands, but we can't see the cultivation of raw materials or factories that process them. The quality of raw materials and the precision of processing have become slaves to the brand.Foreign brands have formed an actual market monopoly through the brand group strategy. We are all lambs who love these well-known brands. We need to see the risks of the capitalist market economy and find a way to deal with them. That is to support us. development of national brands.

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