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Private Enterprise Power Interview米国生活Founder Mi Jianhui talks about national brands

National Brand Viewpoint

National brand is a macro concept, not a single enterprise and brand.We have seen foreign brands, but we have never heard of which foreign brands are foreign national brands, but know that this brand is foreign, American, German, French, Italian, these brands are combined to become their national brand.And our brand is the same. Our good products can be recognized by consumers at home and abroad in the form of brands. These brands are collectively referred to as national brands.

digital perspective

We often talk about digitization, marketing digitization is widely mentioned, and online marketing under the epidemic is even more in demand. After monitoring, in 2020, the number of websites that have been registered every day for a long period of time in the country will be 1-2. 2020 The number of filings throughout the year may reach one million.Of course that number has dropped a lot in 2021, but it's still a big number.Our business started out with its own website and brand, trying to acquire customers through the web.Of course, this is only the first step.

Another point, digital management, the management of our SMEs is extensive management, relational management.But to grow into a large enterprise, relational management has been unable to support the growth of refined products and services.It is necessary to digitalize management, strengthen the standard of product production process, standardize and gradually optimize the production process, so that our work has the precipitation of the work process.

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