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What is the essence of a brand?

The 2020 Chinese Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs Publicity and Commendation Activity, initiated by Beijing Private Economic Development Promotion Association, Beijing Zhonglian National Industry Research Institute, and China Investment Association International Investment Professional Committee, aims to recognize the advanced, promote righteousness, and dig, select, and commend in depth. Publicize a group of advanced, typical, exemplary and oriented private entrepreneurs, enterprises andBrands.

With the theme of "How to Transform, Upgrade, and Breakthrough for Enterprises in the Post-epidemic Era", the conference vigorously promotes outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, so that the society can better understand, respect and care for entrepreneurs, so that entrepreneurs have more sense of honor and pride.Further stimulate the innovation, entrepreneurship and responsibility spirit of private entrepreneurs in the new era, and promote the continuous growth of the entrepreneurial team.

During the meeting,米国生活Mi Jianhui expressed his views on brands, clarifying that trademarks are not brands, and that intermediaries in the market confuse concepts, amplify value, and over-marketing practices can only make the market more chaotic.

Trademarks are the legal guarantees we apply for to protect our own operations. In the process of mature market operation and development, the registration of trademarks and the development of brands with trademarks as their names are necessary business tools.

Mi Jianhui, for example, pointed out that the brand value of BMW is more than 200 billion US dollars, and the current application fee for BMW's trademark is 270 yuan, a difference of nearly 7 million times.So what is the value of the brand?Why is the BMW brand worth so much money?When you want to buy a car, how many people can think of BMW, how many people regard BMW as one of three choices, how many people choose one from BMW and other brands, how many people must buy BMW, from BMW 1-series to 8-series as well as mini and Rolls-Royce to choose from, it can be calculated.So what is the brand value added value?That is, the probability of choosing one of three has increased from 33% to 43%, and the probability of choosing one of two has increased from 50% to 60%.

what a brand is and what is not

What is the essence of a brand?

The market economy essence of brand

The essence of the market economy of a brand is to obtain more capital surplus value through the process of brand premium. The market economy is an economy of capital operation, and there is competition in it, but large capital has a natural market occupation/aggression advantage over small capital. Brands with large capital, Through brand marketing projects, the virtual value of the brand in the hearts of users will be enhanced again and again, and the market share will be expanded step by step. At the same time, the product price will be increased, and the price and market control will be realized through the monopoly of the brand group, so as to obtain the surplus of the market. value.

In the marketing process, among its 4Ps, Product, Promotion, and Place are the cost of marketing activities, Price is the unit price of marketing revenue, and Price is determined by the cost items of the first three Ps.

The same cost price coefficient will have different marketing results. The following figure is the coefficient table, in which, PQ is the product quality coefficient item, PM is the Promotion Marketing publicity marketing coefficient item, and PC is the Place Channel channel coefficient item.

Brand product price competition coefficient-米国生活

The essence of brand awareness

米国生活Viewpoint: "Brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the inheritance and innovation of cultural civilization, the medium for the exchange of spiritual information in human society, and the transmission of goodness and beauty to consumers..Brand is also the way and means for capital to obtain premium, and it is also the carrier of material and spiritual transmission with kindness and strength.

The existence of brand awareness is because the founder of the brand sees the inconvenience, insecurity, discomfort and inexpensiveness of users, combined with their own abilities, hopes to solve problems for users and bring the goodness of a better life.

The essence of brand awareness

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