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What kind of SEO technology is Qianwan Powerword Screen?

Qianwan Powerword ScreenIt is a technical business that the SEO industry has developed for many years (as far as I know it looks like 7-8 years), and it is directly understood that XNUMX words or thousands of words are ranked on the first page of search engines.

Applicable objects: traditional business owners without a website

Sales price: 0.5W-2W/year (agent price 0.08W-0.2W)

Thousands of words technology dismantling the screen

To achieve it through a website, then building a website is the fundamental technology of Wanci, and tyrannical screen is an abused word. It sounds domineering, but any domineering will not live long.

There is nothing special about the website, just two things:XNUMX. High domain name authority; XNUMX. Collect a large number of peer articles.

high domain name

The way to achieve this is to rent the secondary directory of someone else's website domain name, for example,, where may be a website with a weight of 4-6, then, open a folder directory under their website, put You can put the template website of Wanciba screen into it;

Collect a large number of peer articles

This collection tool has been in existence for many years. It collects content, pictures, etc., and then performs text replacement. The so-called AI modifies the content. Change the AI ​​of "you are beautiful" to "you are beautiful", and change "I love you because you are beautiful" AI changed to "I like you because you are beautiful".The collection process first is to select the target website, configure the collection list, configure the modified content, and then set the keywords. After the collection, it is not for people to see, but for AI.

Because of the high weight, these large-scale collections, hundreds of thousands of tens of thousands of articles are collected every day in the directory, forming the url:, which is included by Baidu, and then , these large numbers of words are ranked on the first page because no one searches,But maybe not a little bit of traffic; However, these websites are built under the authoritative domain names, and some people view other webpages,By the way, I saw your web page and counted the traffic; but by no means your customers to see your page rank, and to enter your page.

Technically, there are rankings and traffic.

In terms of business, no one searches for rankings, traffic is not search, and traffic has nothing to do with rankings; If you can't understand, you can assume that the traffic is brushed out, of course, it is not ruled out that it is actually brushed out.

Business Model and Legal Risk

Business model: Human nature is greedy in different roles and angles.

Legal risk: Illegal everywhere.

What kind of SEO technology is Qianwan PowerWord?-Business model and legal risks

How much do you know where capital makes illegal profits?

Trademark filing information

Brand name: Qianwan PowerWord

Application/Registration Number: XXXXX

International Classification: 35

Applicant Name (Chinese: XXX Co., Ltd.)

专用权期限:2020年01月14日 至 2030年01月13日

Merchandise services: website traffic optimization; updating and maintaining data in computer databases; personnel management; commercial enterprise relocation; optimization of search engines for merchandising; accounting; sponsorship search; retail services for medicinal, veterinary, hygiene preparations and medical supplies; Drug retail or wholesale services; computerized database information systematization;

Trademark Status: Registered

米国生活Friendly reminder: The trademark only allows you to use this name, but it does not mean that you can engage in illegal business by using this name.

Baidu algorithm

Quoted from Baidu official:

Baidu's attack algorithmFor reference, for reference only. (However, the websites hit by Baidu’s algorithm may be stable on the home page and the first few pages. Don’t be surprised. What Baidu’s algorithm supports may not be on the home page. Baidu is a very special search engine. If you don’t believe me, Baidu search keywords: [SEO])

Baidu Algorithm - Combat the Wanciba screen

Key words: [SEO], in Google, bing, Sogou, 360, toutiao, etc. whether it is new, old, world, Chinese, the search results are the first page, and even the first page is SEO-Search Engine Optimization Encyclopedia .Among the search engines you know so far,Only Baidu search engine search SEO can not find SEO-Search Engine Optimization Encyclopedia【当前时间:2021年7月9日-19:07】。

why?Maybe Baidu doesn't want China to develop SEO and "white hat" algorithms. What SEO does Baidu support, and what SEO can be developed in China, because Baidu is the single oligarch of domestic website search engines and the decider of SEO, and the whitest hat may be It is the landing page of Baidu SEM bidding promotion.

Screenshot of Baidu Encyclopedia

Is this honor?When reading an encyclopedia, one must remain skeptical. It is common for encyclopedias to be objective or not, and whether the entries are right or wrong.

Is this culture?Is this the brand? ~~~We drop "national brand"~~~

Wanciba Baidu Encyclopedia


After starting a business in this industry for several years, I found that many investors are poor and only have money left.

The SEO industry is very chaotic and disrupts the development of the SEO industry. Although Wanciba screen has been registered as a trademark, people in the market still use this technical method. Isn't this illegal business?Isn't it fraudulent? In the environment of "what the law does not prohibit" and "men don't think about anything other than making money", there are many chaos, and it is impossible for judges and lawmakers to understand so many businesses. Business ethics don't grow.

At present, the technical threshold of the domestic SEO industry, you can enter the industry with junior high school culture and do sales (if you graduate from college and do sales in this industry, you will waste 7 years of time and the country's 7 years of teaching resources); high school can be changed to TDK, internal and external links ; College students can do soft writing, brand network promotion.

Interlaced like mountains, in the current environment, if you don’t understand a little bit, you may have to pay a huge price for this ignorance; you need to be cautious when starting a business. We don’t have an open environment, we don’t have the idea of ​​mutual assistance, and there are only a lot of ignorant information gaps. , and the unmanageable desire to make cheap and make money.

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