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Start-up business has gradually become a benchmark in the industry, and strong companies are good at operating a perfect format

Start-up business has gradually become a benchmark in the industry, and strong companies are good at operating a perfect format

--visit米国生活Mi Jianhui, founder of (Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovation is the most significant feature of the new era, and the endless technological innovation, ideological innovation, application innovation and institutional innovation are the core driving force and source of social progress. The history of human society is actually a history of innovation.

There is such an entrepreneur, who has endless learning, forge ahead, and continuous innovation. From the white-collar workers of multinational companies to the establishment of technology companies, he is down-to-earth at every step; he is smart, diligent, diligent, and self-improvement. Taste the warmth and coldness of the world, the lonely and determined figure interprets the strongest note of the forge ahead in this era, he is Mi Jianhui——米国生活Founder of (Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.

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Workplace elites realize their dreams of entrepreneurship and start anew to solve the pain points

米国生活The founder, Mi Jianhui, studied computer science at university, studied IT, worked as financial ERP, IT sales, IT trainer, and IT project manager. He was hired by German BMW, a Fortune XNUMX company, and became a high-paid white-collar worker in a multinational company.When working in BMW, Mi Jianhui not only had a deep understanding of the pragmatic and rigorous work style of multinational companies, but also had a deeper understanding of the brand operation concept of multinational companies.

In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's economy, the total economic volume has ranked second in the world, and the brand awareness of domestic enterprises has gradually awakened, and internationally renowned brands such as Huawei, DJI, Xiaomi, and Li Ning have emerged.But on the whole, the dazzling array of clothing, food, housing, transportation, durable fast-selling, etc. around us are mostly foreign brands, and the consumer psychology of Chinese people seems to value these foreign brands more.This can be seen in the streets full of foreign joint venture cars, Nike, Adi and other clothing everywhere, and the new iPhone that is hard to find.The overall management level of national brands is not strong and the status of my country's second largest economy in the world is extremely incommensurate.Therefore, we continue to study and study the operation methods of foreign big brands, so that a brand can stand for a hundred years without falling, and the underlying logic of getting bigger, more efficient, and more competitive is exciting. Yes, we have seen the light of victory for national brands to break out of the siege of foreign brands.

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Opportunity only favors the prepared mind. Every young man who is committed to self-realization has an entrepreneurial dream in his heart. Mi Jianhui is such a person who is not willing to be ordinary.In the past ten years before he officially started entrepreneurship, he has been using his spare time to learn management knowledge and have made many entrepreneurial attempts.Mi Jianhui, who was born in IT, chose the entrepreneurial project that he wanted to do in 2008. In addition to technical elements, marketing seems to be more important in a sense.No matter how good your product is, if the marketing is not in place and cannot occupy a certain amount of market share, the company will not be able to achieve stable profitability, and the importance of profitability to a startup is self-evident.In order to make a profit, it is necessary to make great efforts to engage in marketing. At the time, it seemed that only the "financing route" could solve the marketing problem of the new APP, but in the capital market that was already close to saturation and the realization that the financing environment was not as pure as imagined, plus The "market necessity" of making a marriage and love platform on the Internet, the maturity and integrity of users in the marriage-oriented market, and the immature logic of the marriage and love platform to meet user needs, and the high cost of trial and error, led Mi Jianhui to decide to temporarily stop the project, for the sake of future After returning to fight again, I registered a trademark for the project and named it - Mian Dan, encouraging everyone who has love in their hearts to no longer be alone.This made Mi Jianhui, who has always been strong, secretly determined to do a good job of his own brand no matter what, and he must know how to rely on his own strength to gain the market through brand marketing and how to use limited resources to operate in the future. own brand.To do a good job in brand marketing, the most efficient way is to directly enter the game. In the end, Mi Jianhui really took one-stop brand marketing planning and online promotion as the main research direction and main business, and gradually established new industry standards and fully operated With its own main brand——米国生活.

In fact, Mi Jianhui founded米国生活It is not that he plunged into a completely unfamiliar field, and his computer professional background is quite helpful in company website construction, network optimization, enterprise management, brand marketing, project management and so on.However, this is still an out-and-out cross-industry entrepreneurship. As a founder, it is not enough to rely on the blessing of an IT background. Fortunately, Mi Jianhui will always seize the opportunity to learn other positions around him and participate in various projects. Projects, industries and understanding of people have their own unique depths.This depth comes from his enough hard work, the drive to challenge, the courage to climb and roll in the unfamiliar business format, not afraid of falling, and stand up and continue to fight without fear.How can you see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? The transition that seems easy to the average person is actually not easy at all.

The industry is proficient in diligently starting a business, exploring and moving forward and finally achieving positive results

Interlacing is like a mountain. Mi Jianhui made an analogy. Inter-travel is like engaging in a new sport with zero foundation. It may not take long to grasp the essentials initially, but thinking about achieving good results in competitions can really be used in this industry. Standing firm, but not overnight.If you rush into the industry just by watching others make money, you might not be like an athlete who has become a monk halfway through his career.To start a business and enter a new industry, you should choose an industry that you have "talent", an industry you love, an industry you are willing to work hard for, and an industry that can contribute to it.

Mi Jianhui believes that each of us has different accumulations and different industry knowledge according to the specialization of different positions.In cooperation, we have no way to understand each other's relatively advanced industry background in a short-term cooperation, which may lead to misjudgment in the process of communication.In the process of starting a business, enterprises and enterprises and industries need such mastery of each other's fields, which is called "inter-regional information interface" for the time being. There is precedence, knowledge has no dignity, and roles have no dignity. We should use the knowledge we have learned to open the interface of our own knowledge platform, and strive to help others obtain our structured knowledge information and create value together.

In a large international company like BMW, every position has its own professional knowledge, and even old employees who have worked for many years have difficulty understanding the professional knowledge of other positions.The things are too deep and the professionalism is too strong, but if you want to work in a certain sub-field, you need to learn enough knowledge in this field by yourself, otherwise you will not be able to conduct business exchanges with people in this circle.The same is true for brand marketing. Although the relevant knowledge of brand marketing is very complicated, its execution methods and various skills are not as sophisticated as those seen by laymen, but they require a good combination and effective management. You also need to put the right resources, the right people, on the right things before you can get things right.Otherwise, it is likely to give you a fancy solution when communicating. If you don’t understand it, you will feel very high, but in fact, in the eyes of an expert, its solutions and actual business and technical capabilities are often the same. in shallow.This situation also occurs in some of the more well-known brand marketing companies.米国生活Efforts are made to standardize solutions in the industry and standardize industry technical operation methods. Our industry practitioners do according to standards, work can be measured, and quality can be guaranteed, so that unfair competition can be transformed into standard services.

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米国生活In the initial stage, it is a pure marketing model, with no relationships, no connections, no customers, and no money, so it can only start from scratch.After just entering the industry, Mi Jianhui led the team to collect customer needs through third-party platforms, mastered knowledge about needs through professional materials, learned solutions from small bosses groups and historical marketing cases, and optimized them based on their own advantages to meet customer needs. .Since the company is doing brand marketing, to grow rapidly, it needs to take marketing services as its main business, directly participate in market competition, and judge its own ability changes and growth speed in the industry in the competition.Although the pressure is huge, the days are like years, but the growth rate is very fast.After having an in-depth understanding of the entire industry, combined with our own advantages, we will finally be positioned in the brand marketing case, strive to complete the brand marketing of large projects, find customer pain points, and meet customer needs and expectations through project management.

At the beginning, the team had no experience. After researching the project, they thought it could be done, so they signed the bill. In the process of doing it, they worked hard to learn, digest, and absorb through various channels, and they continued to grow day by day. The ability of the team was obtained. A quick boost.What the customer requires in the KPI should be fulfilled. If the customer does not ask for it, but it is considered to be what the customer needs, it will also provide customers with some value-added services for free.It seems that we have done a lot of work, but the customers have given us the opportunity to expand our capabilities in new areas, allowing the team to explore experience and train the team.In this way, customer satisfaction is improved, and word-of-mouth also exists. On the basis of word-of-mouth and successful experience, the company has expanded its service areas and service scope. In this way, it has accumulated successful experience little by little. Be solid and standardize over time, which translates into team verifiable competencies.when米国生活When communicating with new customers, there is a set of more detailed and updated product and service categories, which realizes its own growth, not only creating value for others, but also achieving itself.This is a benign entrepreneurial growth method that Mi Jianhui most admires. In contrast, relying solely on deception or the so-called false marketing hype is not worth the loss in Mi Jianhui's view.

Chaos and internal consumption bring disaster to pond fish, great love knows no bounds and imagines the vision

Mi Jianhui believes that there is a kind of chaos in the market. The more difficult it is for some companies to survive, the less bottom line their marketing methods may be. This will form a vicious circle, which will reduce mutual trust and rely on marketing. False advertising to deceive customers will only cost the industry.When the city gate catches fire, it affects Chiyu. Everyone is a community, and everyone in this format is not immune.Instead of competing for the market in the previous way, we should focus on how to create more value.

Mi Jianhui, who worked at BMW, was very uncomfortable in the early days of his business. BMW's environment has rules for internationalization, but the circle of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is not like this.An email or a word at BMW sometimes works better than a contract.The circle after coming out of BMW is very different. Even if you sign a contract, your understanding of the terms in the contract can change at any time, and you can interpret it into different meanings. We call it a "pit". , make you miserable.This kind of business environment makes you have to waste more energy that was not necessary to waste, learn more peripheral knowledge in detail, and cannot use all your energy to do your own business.Partners could have achieved higher efficiency through in-depth cooperation. They could easily understand each other's position, produce efficient cooperation, and reduce unnecessary internal friction; but now our business environment makes you have to think. Do your best to grasp every detail, otherwise, you will be exhausted physically and mentally due to mistakes in details in the process of business operation.

Mi Jianhui believes that this kind of social chaos is related to the stage of social development. In the bonus period of certain industries, enterprises only need to follow certain rules to obtain profits more easily, complete the accumulation of original capital, and have a good impact on the business environment. The requirements are not high.After this process is over, it will not be easy to pursue interests in the original way, which requires the formation of a good environment to jointly create value.If large enterprises occupy market advantages, they should not exploit small enterprises too much. Otherwise, small enterprises will not be able to survive, and the living environment of large enterprises will also face challenges, resulting in damage to the overall business format and the possibility of losing good development opportunities.Mi Jianhui called for establishing common goals, having common ideals, realizing common interests, and adjusting the direction of progress under the guidance of this big goal.All social strata must work together towards a common value goal, not just vying for some immediate interests, but should jointly create value for social interests and make the cake bigger and better.At the same time, we need to communicate and learn a lot. Peers, partners, suppliers and customers must learn from each other, cooperate with each other, do a good job in upstream and downstream interfaces, do a good job in industry standards, and do a solid job in the enterprise. Produce quality products and services.

Brand is the business card of an enterprise, and it is also the enterprise's commitment to social responsibility. Mi Jianhui is committed to the米国生活To build a leading enterprise in brand marketing, network optimization and project management, and create its own brand value.The growth of a brand is the result of long-term accumulation. There is no obvious benefit in the early stage. When the brand awareness and reputation reach a certain level, the brand is a kind of pre-sales. When customers purchase a product or service, the first thing they think of is the brand. Brand revenue will grow steadily, and returns will always come after wind and rain.Just like a child growing up, when a brand becomes an adult, it can create wealth. A brand is an intangible asset. Being able to do a good job in the ecology of a brand will undoubtedly increase the great value for the society. It is also particularly important for SMEs.

The original intention of the brand comes from the beautiful expectation of the world, from the founder's love for the world and the kindness hidden in his heart.Kindness is the source of creating value, spreading value, and replicating value. Kindness will generate love. After love, the products we design, develop and create must be to solve people's worries, worries or inconveniences. People are concerned about various issues, and when the public uses our products and services, they can feel the love attached to the products, consumers will have a good and loved experience, and they will easily accept our products. Products, trust our brand.Ultimately, "because you give love, you get love in return".

Mi Jianhui envisages that there may be a day in the future when people will no longer have to spend money to buy goods or services, there will be no exploitation, and there will be no operations to obtain the surplus value of capital. Love provides services, love has no size, labor does not distinguish between high and low, all roles in society provide high-quality products and services, everyone is their own brand, and all brands are synonymous with goodness and beauty.Use love to create an ideal society where everyone is for me and I am for everyone.

"I insist that the green mountains will not relax, and the roots are in the broken rocks." The low starting point has achieved the original power of Mi Jianhui's acceleration and surpassing.Mi Jianhui believes that the meaning of life should be to face challenges head-on. Every challenge will increase an experience or self-confidence. When there are enough challenges and difficulties, you will become fearless; the process of life is actually an experience , experience difficulties, experience success, experience feelings, experience love and being loved, experience all kinds of beautiful or not beautiful things, have dreams and do your best, and don’t ask anything. This is a self-examination of self-cognition in life.I also hope that Mi Jianhui and his leadership米国生活(Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. is getting stronger and stronger on the road ahead!

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