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Looking at the essence of national brands from the perspective of Hongxing Erke's donation of 5000 million

The 5000 million materials donated by Hongxing Erke to the disaster area in Henan have been widely noticed by the Chinese people. What is the reason that touched the nerves of the Chinese people, and what is the connotation of the brand?What is the state of consciousness of the people?How do national brands grow in adversity?How do national brands gain recognition and support from the common people?米国生活Take this opportunity to look at the essence of the brand again, and briefly analyze the way of brand marketing and development.

Comments that touch the sensitive nerves of Chinese people

"Niang le feels that you are going to close down and donate so muchThis kind of online word-of-mouth is really in place: with the taste of Henan dialect, the difficulties of Hongxing Erke are truly and naturally spoken, and the gentle conscience of the Chinese people has pity, but they donate so much, so that the Chinese people see the gentleman-like Warm as jade, benevolent and generous.

In today's society, what we may often hear is that capital likes icing on the cake, but does not like to send carbon in the snow, likes to withdraw fire and loot, and does not like to help people in difficulties. It is unknown how much of the five thousand years of culture is left. society has changed.However, those who stick to the gentleman's style will always attract people's conscience.

I believe that many Chinese people want to donate their meager power, but do not know if they can help. He expressed his love for the disaster and his admiration for the enterprises/entrepreneurs who have inherited the excellent Chinese culture.

What is the essence of a brand?

We know that brands need to passBrandsMarketing, brand building, brand building, brand positioning and other strategies/methods/behaviors compete for survival in the market. To see the essence of the brand, we need to clarify the following relationships:

The relationship between companies, brands and products

Enterprises employ employees to carry out product design and development, quality management, produce products that meet certain user groups and have specific attributes, and allow consumers to buy through brand LOGO, brand slogan, brand story and other marketing promotion methods, and the relationship between supply and demand in the market exchange of material and spiritual information.

For a brand with a market, its brand culture and values ​​are the concepts recognized by consumers.

And Hongxing Erke's corporate culture is down-to-earth, virtuous and talented, extraordinary interpretation, and common growth; it implies a brand culture that is connected with the corporate culture, although Hongxing Erke has not clearly pointed out its brand culture, or has no long-term competition for brand building and brand marketing. correct,米国生活Take advantage of this event to abstract the brand cultural attributes that Hongxing Erke may contain: the pursuit of sunshine, young and hard work, daring to be the first, and taking responsibility.

Brand culture is the synthesis of the unique beliefs, values, rituals, norms and traditions related to the brand that are shared among the owners, buyers, users or aspirants of a brand; brand culture is based on A subcultural phenomenon arising from the influence and aggregation of a brand on social members.

Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT

Brand awareness and consumer awareness

When we ask others to guess the price of a product, the response is often "What brand is this product?" The brand determines consumers' judgment on the advanced attributes of the product.

A brand is an inherent feature that goes beyond the basic attributes of a product, a feature that makes people like to approach, a feeling that makes people feel similar, and the impulse and desire to become a brand feature.

Brand Essence and Consumer Awareness - 米国生活

The brand upgrade of Hongxing Erke is the most expensive, and it is directly linked to the bottom layer of China's excellent culture. Wearing Hongxing Erke wears conscience, responsibility and responsibility.

The essence of the brand

From the above, it is not difficult to see that the essence of the brand is the existence of consciousness that is parasitic on the basic attributes of the product but exceeds the basic attributes of the product and the basic needs of consumers, has the starting point of goodness and beauty, and can be widely and long-term recognized by people, including Brand awareness and consumer awareness jointly agree on product quality, brand culture, human spirit, future aspirations, etc.

Supplementary explanation through metaphors: the logo and name of a brand are like a person's appearance and name; the essence of a brand is like the soul of a person.

The difference and connection between national brand and capital brand

The Chinese national brand not only reflects the distinctive characteristics of the nation, such as being strong, united, and helping others in difficulties, but also inherits the excellent national culture, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, trustworthiness, gentleman's style, and heroic courage.

The capital brand is the product of the capitalist market economy, the sugar coating for capital to obtain the surplus value of capital, and the cross-ethnic capital plunder under the cover of GDP.

The connection and common point between national brands and capital brands is that they need to promote products and compete in the market through brand marketing.

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