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retirement outlet?Demand without purchasing power or just demand is a pseudo market

The phenomenon of the aging population in China has been recognized by the Chinese people. No matter what kind of talents, they will all say in unison, "I am optimistic about the pension market", which reminds me of the aunt who sold cabbage at 6000 a few years ago and would recommend you to invest in stocks; even Some people say that the pension market is about to explode.米国生活It is believed that the demand for pensions does exist, but the pension market will not explode, let alone it will explode soon.

retirement search index

The search index of nursing homes, nursing homes, and nursing homes in the past ten years is as follows. We can see that from 2014 to 2018, the voices of nursing care have indeed risen. Not all voices come from the demand side, but some of them come from the supply side. The real pension demand in October 2021 will not be much different from a decade ago.With the growth of materials and the intensification of aging, this information is not a positive signal, and even has the connotation of "if you don't advance, you will retreat".

Nursing - Nursing Home - Nursing Home Baidu Search Index

Several questions about pension needs

Did retirement money fall from the sky?Have we reached the level of communism?How much of the aging population is empty pension?How many have entered the children's marriage room?Do young people have the energy and ability to inject their own money into the pension market under the three-child policy?Looking at the global economy, what level can my country's pension capacity be?If we use systematic thinking to understand and analyze the pension market,米国生活Think the conclusion is that some people desperately need calm.

The relationship between demand and market

Demand ≠ market, demand is a necessary condition of the market, but not a sufficient condition.

The demand for purchasing power that matches with it and the support of a systematic, ecological, and green development of the economic system can constitute the sustainable and healthy development of the market.

At present, there are countless rigid needs in the market. Just because they are not met, the lack of satisfaction indicates insufficient purchasing power. Insufficient purchasing power indicates insufficient production and living materials. Insufficient production and living materials cannot regenerate the market, but can cause the market to continue to shrink. "Just need" is not a dividend for market development, a compliment, or a driving force for development.African people just need a lot bigger than us.

米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT

The increase in the market is not judged by the increase in demand, nor is it generated by pocketing money from the left to the right.So, how did the market increase?How do we improve the people's income?It is recommended that the brick home think about it again.

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