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Definition of BOO SEO Brand Online Search Engine Optimization

Brand Name/Definition

BOO (Brand Online Optimization) SEO,BrandsOnline search engine optimization is to optimize the brand's online reputation for Internet search and maintain it in a good state.

In the process of brand Internet marketing and promotion, it acts as a communication window. A good brand image is also a high-quality advertising material. It comprehensively provides customers with information to win trust and plays a crucial marketing role before the transaction is concluded.

Brand Features

The task of brand strategy is decomposed through brand marketing planning, and brand network communication is carried out in combination with integrated marketing to enhance brand voice. SEO planning is used as the implementation method, and SEO technology is used as the optimization method to improve the brand image.

brand elements

BOO contains elements:BrandsBrand,the InternetOnline,optimizationOptimization.brand funnel, explained as the process of brand development, from brand communication to brand product transaction conversion.Because it combines the core content of the sales funnel, it contains 4P elements: official website/product/Product, to promoteSale, heard/know/familiar with the brand/Place,selling price/Price,米国生活Define it as the brand funnel.

Associated concepts

The concept of BOO SEO brand funnel refers to the sales funnel.

The same point: there is a funnel phenomenon in the conversion process, all for the purpose of transaction.

The difference: The sales funnel starts with leads, while the brand funnel starts with brand voice.Targeted market application scenarios are different, customer types are different, and competition dimensions are different.

4P-BOO-brand volume-brand reputation-brand funnel

Trademark registration

Brand is a comprehensive reflection of the competitiveness of an enterprise and a country. Brand development carries people's yearning for a better life.Accelerating brand building is one of the ways to promote high-quality economic development and enhance international competitiveness.With the establishment of China Brand Day, a large number of high-quality domestic products and heavy equipment appeared collectively, fully demonstrating the new achievements and new image of my country's brand development.recently,米国生活(Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. applied for a trademark: BOO SEO (Chinese name: Brand Online Search Optimization), registration number 50362359, 35 categories of trademarks, optimized search engines for promotion, and the official website of the Trademark Office announced that the registration was successful.

Brand Name: BOO SEO

Application/registration number: 50362359

International Classification: 35

Applicant Name: 米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.

专用权期限:2021年10月07日 至 2031年10月06日

Merchandise Services: Search engine optimization for merchandising

Trademark Status: Registered

product and service

The implementation of the BOO SEO program mainly includes the following steps:

Preparation of brand communication materials

It is necessary to carry out brand analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, and customer demand analysis to determine the main content and production methods required for brand communication.The relevant capability models mainly involve: strategic analysis, macro-environmental analysis, enterprise management, etc.

Brand Communication Channel Screening

The dissemination and promotion of brand information is mainly based on Internet channels in this solution, including existing Internet channels and changing Internet channels.Existing Internet channels include: website, encyclopedia, news media, self-media, WeChat, Weibo, forum, Tieba, Baidu Wenku, Baidu Know, Sina iAsk, Zhihu, Haohao Video/Small Video, Tencent Video/Small Video, iQIYI Video/Small Video, Youku Video/Small Video, Xiaohongshu Articles/Small Video, Douyin, Mini Programs, Bidding Ads, News Feed Ads, etc.; the optional Internet channels in the change are: Baidu News, Baidu Notes , Baidu hot discussion, Baidu professional Q&A, Baidu others are still searching, vertical media homepage recommendation, etc.The relevant competency models mainly involve: marketing theory, consumption/social psychology, brand strategy, etc.

Brand information optimization

Brand information optimization mainly includes two aspects:

  1. Brand positive information and brand leading voice information optimization;
  2. Brand negative information suppression and negative information avoidance methods.

The process of brand information optimization is mainly realized through technical means, including related technologies of the working principle of search engines, related technologies of website construction and website analysis, related technologies of search engine optimization, identification technologies of unconventional operations, etc., and at the same time, it needs to be supplemented with relevant knowledge of brand operation. , legal knowledge, public relations knowledge, etc.The relevant capability models mainly involve: computer information and science, project management, law, brand public relations, operation management, etc.

Successful registration of the trademark BOO SEO (Branded Online Search Optimization), showing米国生活The company will provide more professional technical support for domestic brands in the field of brand online search optimization technology.

Brand is the common pursuit of producers and consumers, the direction of supply-side and demand-side upgrading, and an important manifestation of the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises and even the country.Strengthening brand building is conducive to promoting the transformation of an economic power into an economic power, meeting people's higher-level material and cultural needs, promoting Chinese culture, improving China's image, promoting industrial structure adjustment, and promoting economic transformation and upgrading, in order to realize the greatness of the Chinese nation. The revived Chinese dream lays a more solid foundation. BOO SEO brand online search optimization, enhances the dissemination of brand information and timely display of brand dynamic development information in the field of Internet search, enhances consumers' awareness and recognition of the brand, and plays a role in brand public opinion management.

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