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Search Engine Comparison - Which Search Results Are More Valuable?

Which search engine's search results are more valuable?We know that when Google left China, a certain search engine was once known as the world's largest Chinese search engine. However, due to the high pursuit of capital and the involution of search, more and more search results need to appear through its sub-products/related products. Recently Aiqicha calls many companies to promote Aiqicha... Is it really necessary for a search engine to do this?Is it your advantage?Or search for monopoly advantage?

Headline search results - gave an official website


Sogou search results - can't identify US or US


Bing search - also gave a secondary directory display - introduction to the right encyclopedia


Baidu search - can't find the official website - encyclopedia

百度首页-baidu-s-2022-04-29-10_55_02 (2)

Baidu search brand marketing - except for advertisements, most of them are Baidu series, and you can't see the official website


Search engines, let go of other people's cakes.

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