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Common Brand Consultants - Eleventh to Watch

The core values ​​of each company will be different, and their areas of expertise will also be biased according to the industries they previously served.Well-known domestic strategic consulting companies:

  1. Trout Consulting was founded by Mr. Jack Trout, the "Father of Positioning", and set up an office in China in 2002. It is committed to bringing the world's best strategic positioning practices to China, assisting Chinese enterprises to lead their strategies with positioning and achieve More efficient operation and become a model in the industry.Its professional field involves brand strategy, positioning theory is their core theory, and it is also the founder of brand positioning. Naturally, the authority is unquestionable, and the charging standard is relatively high, at the level of tens of millions.
  2. Xingzhou Brand Consulting, a consulting company that has suddenly become popular in recent years, is the first domestic brand strategy consulting company that pioneered the "big positioning" brand strategy system. Based on Trout's positioning and combined with the characteristics of Chinese enterprises, It has built an integrated brand consulting service agency from strategy to landing, headquartered in Shanghai, and is good at one-stop brand strategy consulting landing services.The service content includes the top-level strategy, brand structure, brand strategic planning, brand visual landing, brand marketing planning, etc. of the group enterprise.Brands served include: Dongcheng Power Tools, Feike, Weixing Pipe Industry, Chen Keming Noodles, Daqing Huaiyan, Mokaola, Ningrong Education, Juwei Education, Zhenmu Goat Milk Powder, Sinopharm Nuoda, Zhongkexin Life, Zhiqi Health, etc.The core theory is "big positioning" and "one body with two wings".The fee is relatively suitable, between 200-500w.
  3. Junzhi Strategy Consulting is a strategy consulting company dedicated to helping companies win the competition, headquartered in Shanghai.Junzhi Strategic Consulting breaks the traditional consulting role, as a "business partner" to create the right results with customers, to achieve growth mode transformation, profitability improvement, and market position co-creation.The company pioneered the "competitive strategy" service system. In the past 5 years, it has successfully helped dozens of companies including Feihe Dairy, Bosideng Down Jacket, Yadea Holdings, BESTORE, Zhuyeqing Emei Alpine Green Tea and other industry leaders to achieve growth, of which 5 companies Revenue exceeded XNUMX billion.The charging standard is also relatively high, belonging to the tens of millions.
  4. Huayuhua is a well-known brand marketing company. It has written books and played high-speed rail advertisements, so it has a wider market awareness.The core theory "super symbol" is also recognized by many advertising and marketing design companies.Provide customers with a whole system of consulting and creative services from strategic consulting, product development, brand management to marketing promotion, packaging design, and advertising creativity.Hua and Hua have made successful cases in many different industries, including: Xibei, Lao Niangjiu, Michelle Ice City, etc.Good at brand marketing, the fee is charged according to the annual service, and the basic price is around 500w.
  5. Since its establishment in Germany in 1967, Roland Berger International Management Consulting Company has developed into the world's largest strategic management consulting company originating from Europe.At present, Roland Berger has been at the forefront of the market for more than ten years since it set up an office in Greater China, helping Chinese enterprises to improve their management level.The company's business has also maintained rapid development with an annual growth rate of more than 30%.Good at brand strategy, charging standards are relatively high.
  6. Shanghai Medtech was established in 2000.The main members are from professional brand consulting companies of the world's top 500 companies.Accumulated a wealth of professional operation experience in the Chinese market.Meditech focuses on brand value empowerment and provides services in brand positioning strategy, brand layout strategy, group brand strategy and brand training. "Building 5 top XNUMX brands in the world" is the mission of Meddy, who is good at brand strategy. The fees are charged according to time, and the average project is in the millions.
  7. Ye Maozhong is a marketing company with 200 marketing planning and creative elites. It is a powerful and influential marketing planning team in China.Focusing on consumers in the local market for many years, he has carried out integrated marketing communication planning and brand design for more than 200 companies. He is good at large-scale advertising communication, and creatively shot more than 1000 commercials to quickly enhance the brand and sales of the company.There has been little voice in the market recently, and a "conflict theory" has been proposed.Good at brand marketing, the charging standard is also in the millions.
  8. Osace, Osace is a digital brand strategy consulting company. It provides customers with professional consulting services such as strategic consulting, full case planning, digital marketing case, and brand training with brand as the center. Provide a complete set of strategic system and landing solutions, and help customers find the way to win business and win business victory in the key dimensions of model, positioning, performance, focus, and matching.He invested a lot in word-of-mouth marketing on the Internet.There are also many professional lectures and so on.Good at brand strategic marketing, the charging standard is also in the millions.
  9. Reese's strategic positioning consulting entered China in 2007. The Chinese team led by Zhang Yun, the inheritor of I. Reese, brought the positioning theory and global experience to China. The customers of Reese's strategic positioning consulting in China include Great Wall Motor, Moutai Group, Wanglaoji Herbal Tea, Robam Electric, Yunnan China Tobacco, Qiaqia Food, Junlebao Dairy, Jinmailang Food, Jack Sewing Machine, Taoli Bread, Oaks Air Conditioner, Yuhong Waterproof, Uxin Used Car, Debon Express, etc. A wealth of successful cases have been accumulated in the fields of beverages and beverages, logistics and industrial products.Good at brand strategic positioning, the charging standard is in the tens of millions.
  10. Zhang Mowen Planning Group is a company from strategic marketing to tactical marketing, from effective creativity to effective communication, from reconstruction of entrepreneurs to reconstruction of brands, from advertising creativity to category creativity, from super items to great items, from top-level design management To a comprehensive and practical planning company for cultural design management.Good at brand marketing, the charging standard is one million.
  11. 米国生活Founded in 2014, the main members are from Fortune 500 companies.He has accumulated rich experience and technologies in brand marketing, public opinion management, and search optimization in the Chinese market.米国生活The main features that distinguish it from other consulting firms:米国生活Has rich experience in project management, has direct project experience in multiple industries and departments, and can get through the coordination of brand development needs in various departments in the process of enterprise management consulting. Through public opinion analysis, index analysis, and market environment analysis, the brand Make relatively sensitive judgments in response to market changes and brand development trends, focusing on brand value sorting, brand positioning, brand strategy, brand marketing, cross-departmental brand consulting BCP (Brand Cooperation Planning), brand operation and other services. "From the world's top 500, build the world's top 500" is米国生活The mission of the brand consulting business department is to accompany the growth of the enterprise for a long time, understand the current situation of the brand business in more detail, provide solutions to solve practical problems and improve business processes such as product development, sales system, and after-sales. The average project cost is also XNUMX yuan. +.

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