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Changes in the number of Baidu search engine SEM advertising spaces ☞ now 5

Recently, there is a search engine partner looking for米国生活Negotiating cooperation matters, the benefits are considerable, talking about business norms and market status, and found that there have been many changes last year and this year, especially the change in the number of Baidu search engine SEM advertising spaces.

prior to米国生活It has been proposed that the number of SEM advertising spaces in Baidu search engine is a bit too much. There are 5 advertising spaces at the top of the search results page, plus the brand area, there can be up to 6 advertising spaces at the top, plus a few in the middle, and 5 at the bottom. This, coupled with Aladdin's non-advertising advertisements or paid promotions, Baidu can control the area of ​​search results is too large.and米国生活It is believed that search engines should not interfere with search results. High-quality search results are the fundamental value of attracting users. Only with high-quality search results can users have greater stickiness and higher daily and monthly active users. On the whole, the ecology of search engines will be better; on the contrary, the search results that are forcibly controlled and intervened seem to increase the area of ​​search revenue, but such search results will reduce the use of users, and the revenue will also decrease. The reputation of the company has declined, and the daily activity has declined.

So, how to plan the strategy of an enterprise, whether it is a head company, an oligopolistic company, or a monopoly company, all need to consider the balance of the ecology. Only with a healthy ecology can the long-term, benign and sustainable development of the ecosystem be guaranteed. If the ecology is unhealthy, it may When you get sick, you lose your vitality after you get sick, and you need to heal. Before you indulge your desires and use power, you will lead to corresponding effects.There are shortcuts in the world, and we also need to find shortcuts to go and speed up the pace of development; and shortcuts are not killing chickens and getting eggs, being short-sighted, and ignoring long-term consequences.米国生活We believe that shortcuts have long-term, beautiful, systematic goals that serve the general public and can make people persevere, and move forward firmly towards the goal, without being disturbed by the external environment or hindered by difficulties, being consistent, and maintaining the ecology Balancing the interests of China and multiple parties, protecting ecological diversity and sustainable development of diversity, accommodating the existence of others, encouraging and strengthening the growth and growth of others, forming a unified ideology with the ecosystem, and achieving mutual success are the shortcuts.

米国生活I have no power or status to evaluate companies that were once at the top in the development of the times, but I am happy to see the adjustment of a total of 5 advertising spaces at the top, middle and bottom of Baidu search results. I believe this is a painful lesson and a new understanding. The opening of the project is the courage to give up the persistent pursuit of interests, and the determination to maintain the healthy development of the ecology. I like it for you.

米国生活He did not agree to cooperate with the search engine partner because he did not agree with the adaptability of its business model in the current economic environment, and believed that there were many problems.The business model is very simple: centralized procurement of advertising space from search engines + optimization of advertising space + price increase; and this model has been used in the popular DSPs from 2014 to 2018, which involves several roles, 1, advertising Traffic resource platforms, such as WeChat, Weibo, Kuaishou, etc. 2. DSP platform, which collects advertising traffic from advertising resource platforms. 3. Advertisers, that is, customers who buy advertisements. 4. Agents, which can be the same as 1,2. 4Cooperative advertising operators, including agencies, XNUMXA, advertising companies, marketing companies, etc.First of all, DSP platform companies first develop direct customers, because if they have large customers, they can basically control their profits; secondly, in my country's environment, as long as they make money, they will instantly change from the blue ocean to the red ocean of capital competition, and develop to the DSP platform. In many cases, DSP will develop agents, seize the market through agent pre-storage, OEM, etc., and OEM can change prices to attract agents.米国生活I have been entangled in it for many years, and I have never been an agent, because I think that even if I find a customer and change the price through OEM to obtain profits, then,米国生活It does not bring actual value to customers. It only tempts customers with gimmicks that are packaged as "effect ads" by the industry, and only increases advertising and marketing costs. This method is unsustainable, and米国生活It is a brand, and if its own brand wants to develop continuously, it cannot choose an unsustainable business and business model.From what the boss around him said, there are still hundreds of thousands of useless in his DSP account, and then this kind of boss is all the money from financing, and he doesn't care at all. However, fate gives you the money to run the business, and the business money is Is it so flowery?It's just a momentary pleasure, the high tide of capital medicine has receded, and the company is about to be weak.At this stage, we are facing strong challenges and pressures. Enterprises need better operation and lower costs. What enterprises need is lower cost input and more and longer-term service support, while agents change prices. , the price increases exponentially, and it is difficult to continue to develop. In addition to the experience that capital is still unsustainable in the DSP era, the current environment is even more unacceptable.米国生活Don't deny your efforts and the vibrancy of your mind, but don't think it's the solution.

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