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The evolution of live streaming and what you may not know about the status quo

At the end of 2019, a friend called me to talk about the development of live broadcasting. I told him at the time, don’t watch these celebrity Vs bring goods, everyone will bring goods, they have become stars, and they have the support of the platform. Bao's big V is the fundamental way of a treasure's development. Through "change" and "innovation", it can achieve technological changes, and use new methods (most cats are curious) to form new business forms. In order to expand and compete for its own business market share, it is necessary to cultivate its own commercial head-carrying stars to expand its business share. Attract more small live broadcasters.

constant in change

We have seen changes in the technology platform, from street stalls, small shops, to online stores. During this process, online stores have transparent prices and price comparisons, allowing those with better prices to expand from the market of street stalls to the entire online market, realizing online shopping. The impact of the store on the physical store can be described as a civil war in the shopping mall. The first wave of online stores received dividends from the Internet. Similarly, from the online store to the online live broadcast, the products that can be seen may be different from the pictures on the online store and the real thing. The feeling is much better. This is because the fundamental needs of consumers are satisfied in form due to the status quo or inability of online stores, which forms the competitiveness of live broadcast delivery (of course, live broadcasters also want to thank beautiful anchors for the whole industry. contribution to development).In addition to the above-mentioned platforms vying for the macro market, online shop owners also have to snatch the micro market. Don't snatch it. Hey, it seems that the big knife can't beat the foreign guns and foreign guns, snatch it. It's really hard to live broadcast this place. Always be in front of the camera.

米国生活Looking at it, the commodities in the hands of our merchants have not changed because of the change in the form of the technology platform. The commodities are still those commodities, the merchants are still the same group of merchants, and the sales model is still old wine in new bottles.

The hidden things with live broadcast

Because I have known the above problems for a long time, I have never participated in live broadcast purchases, but as a provider of consulting services,米国生活You still have to have your own real experience, and what you can't say is unfounded.Therefore, I deeply observed several live broadcasts, saw the hidden things behind them, and repeatedly verified the live broadcasts I saw with goods, and all confirmed such hidden things.

The gimmick of buying and sending price concessions

The host video can use AI tools to render the background of the live broadcast. The person is real, but the background may not be. Render the influential live broadcast background (what you see may be fake);

You can also put up a sign, how much you buy, how much you get, we saw the buy and get it, it is very eye-catching, but if you calculate the price with a not particularly sober brain, oh, it may be more expensive than the unit price of the largest Supper Market around your home , and it is the price after buying and sending. Under the brand of buying and sending, you are also kindly supporting his business. In fact, the sales of others are not only live broadcasts, live broadcasts are just one of the channels, and the profit of this channel is High profit, good sales volume, it is possible to get rich, we do envy people who can get rich in the field in today’s economic environment, we can’t compare, but we are sad that the careful machine in the workplace has been widely used in the non-workplace. The crowd has said that it is easy to learn badly, but difficult to learn well. I don’t know what kind of intense survival culture we will face next. We can’t escape the environment, and we can’t change the environment. Is such an environment worth adapting to?

The attention gimmick of the newcomer discount

Newcomers pay attention, after paying attention, there will be price discounts. You don’t know, using false reference method is just like false bids with original prices that are different from online stores and sales prices. Newcomers don’t want 688, 388, or 188, step by step to win your sincerity, We are all too impetuous to do anything in this way, or to be successful , there are 88 orders left... They are all fake, the whole process is acting, maybe foreplay does have a certain catalytic effect.After that, I swiped the final price directly before it announced the final price. Some broadcasters realized that they had been seen through and clicked on each other. Some broadcasters directly blocked, some remained silent, and some pretended to be. I am opening a store to clear the warehouse, some are buying books, some are burning products, etc. All the products and prices are predetermined links, and even some links are other people's links, not their own permissions. Personnel, not store owners.The store you see, or the need for props, or AI rendering, is a live broadcast perspective, and a 68-degree look is basically revealing.The author thinks it is necessary to properly decorate the live broadcast store, but think that the fraud will intensify and worsen the competition.

Really good price promotion

Yes, there are people who really say what to buy, and direct small profits but quick turnover.There are indeed red wines with a market price of several hundred, and dozens of them are sold.The fewer the routines, the more real the goods are.Sincere people do not know how to do routines, but choose not to do routines.It has nothing to do with the identity of the broadcaster and needs to be touched. It is recommended that if you encounter an order, you can practice the so-called "knowledge of people" through real scenes.

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