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How to make one of the product series a popular product

Creating explosive products, making them the king of traffic for companies and brands, thereby driving the sales of other products of the brand, and forming a positive engine for the development of brands and corporate businesses, is the "thinking every day" of every company without explosive products. , also have a dream," the deep affection revealed, the eyes glowing with sparkling liquid, but still unable to achieve the desired, based on米国生活Some brand struggle process of long-term short-distance observation, summed up the following points for reference only:

Several prerequisites for creating explosive products

We all have the desire to create explosive products, but every company has this desire, except for the current米国生活besides, because米国生活The products provided are mainly service and the production capacity is limited. Therefore, this basic precondition can be avoided, and even,米国生活I think that maybe only when you lose that desire can you really meet other prerequisites for creating explosives, as follows,

Correct values

We provide products and services in order to give our country and people a sense of gain that is valued because of our existence, whether it is material gain or spiritual gain, it is the real gain, not the "advertisement". gain, actually lose."米国生活In the external business card design, the back is as follows, "Strive for the revival and prosperity of the great motherland for life!" is米国生活The expression of the underlying values ​​includes serving the country and the people, serving customers, and serving the market ecology, as well as maintaining national territorial integrity and the cause of unity.If anyone dares to speak米国生活If the values ​​are inconsistent, then, perhaps the speaker is suspected of harming national interests and undermining the unity of the motherland, and there is a criminal risk.It's hard to believe that a company/leader without the heart to serve the people can create explosive products that are widely liked by the people, consumed repeatedly, and recommended to others. Most of the people are mediocre.


Down-to-earth to improve products and services to perfection

The realization of explosive products does not necessarily require dazzling packaging, loud slogans, and self-intoxicating five-star praise obtained by giving subsidies and covering up the defects of the product itself; The communication depends not on how good the brand wants to express itself, but on the kindness that consumers unconditionally want to share with others after they get it.This desire to share comes from the general experience that exceeds the market level. The meticulous service in the whole process of products, services, after-sales, etc. is the optimization of all details. It is polished jade, not slightly polished seeds. .Exceed the expectations and experiences of many people, and how many people will become your unconditional sharers, fissioners, and explosive product promoters.

Nature angle: Continue to heat water at 90 degrees, heat it to 99 degrees, heat it to 100 degrees, continue to heat it, and it will become an explosive product.

Quantitative perspective: Different people perceive temperature differently. The total number of people who perceive that the water has boiled is the product fission variable.

Explosive product marketing on the go

Besides being yourself,米国生活I believe that in the environment of "the fragrance of wine is afraid of deep alleys", it is essential to promote oneself, and it is necessary to promote oneself in a rhythm and plan, and find deficiencies in the process of promoting oneself, gradually improve the marketing channel, repeat testing, repeating Optimize until consumers get enough sense of gain to become a part of fission.

Several traps in the process of creating explosive products

In the process of creating explosive products, companies and brands may first have internal plans or expectations, rather than accidentally becoming explosive products. In the process of deliberately portraying explosive products, there may be the power to force or distort the product. Image and experience in the market.

Unprepared to launch "explosive products"

When the product was launched, the marketing materials were not ready. In order to rush the materials, the design was extremely rough, and it was not even as good as the quality of the products that did not create explosive products. The promoted products are not found on the official website, the network image needs to be optimized, a series of content is not prepared, everything is time-consuming, and everything is perfunctory. Is such an explosive product the result you want?

No Explosives Checklist

Explosive products should meet several conditions to become explosive products, including consumer demand conditions, product conditions, company conditions, market competition conditions, sales process conditions, after-sales feedback conditions, etc. The advantages of the technology are not fully utilized, and even the user experience defects are exposed in the technical application.Those who fail to pass a calm, professional, and powerful assessment are qualified to become a hit at one time and become a hit for a long time. They just have the desire to become a hit, which is optional.

Facing the difference between ideal and reality

Explosive products that lack completeness, rationality, professionalism, etc., are just because they changed their packaging, made an advertisement, and got a temporary sale from a consulting agency. The certainty of quality is a wrong judgment made with wrong logic. Once the expected goal cannot be achieved, one will blame others and find scapegoats everywhere. Unfortunately, they are self-willed, and their virtues do not match their talents.

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