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Late analysis | Why can soy sauce companies become the richest man?

The hot search for soy sauce companies to become the richest man did not cause me to think too much. At that time, I simply thought that the brilliant limelight of Internet companies had passed, and it was time to turn to real companies, but why the development of soy sauce companies exceeded the original consciousness. Curious but did not delve into it, I did not expect to be revealed by the recent hot discussion:

Ingredients list and national standard

Because my physical fitness is not very good, I am very picky about ingredients and products. If there is a little abnormality in my body, my body will react, and this kind of bad reaction has a genetic effect, and the effect is not bad.For soy sauce and vinegar, it is no longer the taste of childhood, I am not used to eating it, and my tongue has an obvious reaction after eating it - the sense of taste is impaired, especially when I use white vinegar as lotus root slices, I also remember that vinegar and cabbage are very good, but I have encountered ingredients and seasonings that I haven't made for a long time.

"Fei Ge" ingredient list - technology and hard work

"Most of the time" technology is just a gimmick, it's just simple technical work, or even a secret technical logic. It's really difficult to stick to your conscience.If you don't respect the style of a gentleman, why should you worship the villain's ambition?A brave person like Fei Ge deserves to be an opinion leader, but his opinion is weak due to lack of power.

Because of the relevant ingredient list video, I poured half a bottle of soy sauce in the ingredient list, and my family bought it. Fortunately, the vinegar is old mature vinegar, which is not bad.In fact, I only put oil (vegetable oil that can't escape) and salt, shallots (heads), garlic, and sometimes "tree roots and leaves" - natural seasonings for cooking.

National standard entry-level bottom line

Generally speaking, there are several levels for enterprises to meet standards. From a global perspective, there must be national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards.

The national standard is the production and operation standard within the territory of the national border. The national standard of China and the national standard of Japan can be different. What can be sold in China may not be sold in Japan, and the national standard of China may not be able to reach Japan. After all, China is a developing country, while Japan is a developed country.However, the national standard must not be a legal standard that breaks through the bottom line of harming the health of the people.

The so-called, "As long as they don't break the law, men will make money shamelessly", but some people want everyone to be shameless with them, but they can't make money. The reason why they can make money without breaking the law must be in it. There are reasons for the existence of loopholes, loopholes must not be designed for the majority of men, jokes are.

Industry standards, generally speaking, are higher standards than national standards produced by industry competition.In China, it is basically the national standard. Because of the fierce competition and the pursuit of interests, as well as the national standard of supervision, the competition of big fish eating small fish has become the bottom competition rule.Internationally, industry standards need to meet international standards, otherwise other countries will not trade with you. In this regard, it can reflect that the human rights of developed countries can be better guaranteed. Even if the factory is in China, foreign buyers and entrusted manufacturers will The products sold in the national market generally have their own quality inspection in our country.

Enterprise standards are to have their own breakthroughs in production technology, product functions and other aspects. If they do better than other industry standards, they will form their own standards, and their own enterprise standards are higher than other standards (if lower than Other standards are not standards), the more standards a company has, the more competitive its products will be.

business model = capital model

Business model = capital model, investors ≈ capital people.

The business model is basically the idea that the model occupies the commercial market, that is to say, through the promotion of capital, the old model is replaced by the new model, and the process of gradually forming a monopoly and controlling the market.

To control the market, the first is to use the model of developed countries to judge the future domestic market, and to clarify the trend and direction of market development. In the past few years, China has basically copied what China can copy. China is based on its own huge market. The advantages of high-quality leeks such as subjects and immature, even kind-hearted and stupid market subjects, such as being unable to control themselves, following the trend, and blindly, have been brought into play to the point where they cannot be copied; Competitors compete, sacrifice the vast number of retail investors to achieve the dominance of a certain enterprise, obtain capital redistribution, and form a new market and a new chain of capital distribution.In addition to the changes in the distribution method with the changes in the market form, the quality of products and the intensity of competition have also changed.

By analyzing the business model/Business Model (I prefer to call it the capital model/Capital Model), investors can use their own resources (capital controllable and influenced by other companies, businesses, supply chains to participate in the business). Factors for the success of the model) to analyze and judge whether it can be combined into a new, larger, and more beneficial capital chain/Capital Chain for the expansion of the original capital, to judge and screen, analyze new competitiveness, investment and return.On the one hand, it meets the profit and successful influence of their own benefits, and on the other hand, it meets the needs of some people who are undergoing social changes (changes in appearance and distribution of benefits are more concentrated in the hands of a few people).

Making money is really easy, and at the same time, making money is really hard.

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