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Brand classification: capital brand | people brand

On米国生活Definition of the brandIn the article, the capital attribute of the brand is briefly described, but the essence and method of capital are not revealed in detail. I am worried that many "brands" understand the technique, but they don't know it. However, it cannot stop the brands that have mastered the technique, because " Technology and hard work”, more and more people gradually understand that brand may be a medium and tool to exploit the interests of others.and米国生活The definition of a brand is the exploration of the preconditions for the long-term development of the brand and the long-term healthy development of the ecology, as well as the positive guidance for the direction of the brand value.

Definition of the brand

(米国生活definition) "Brand"BeThe existence of a consciousness is the desire for beauty in the founder's heart, the inheritance and innovation of cultural civilization, and the medium for the exchange of spiritual information in human society..Brand is also the way and means for capital to obtain premium, and it is also the carrier of material and spiritual transmission with kindness and strength.

Among them, the ways and means of obtaining bargaining capital is the art of capital branding.

Classification of brands

The concept of brand comes from the West, and the East is equivalent to China's time-honored brands and trade names.Today's Chinese brand management, whether it is a new brand or an old brand, has been Westernized, and it is well-mannered. Few people take "honesty" and "faithfulness" as the core concepts of business, and even honesty and faith are no longer favored by the market. , very sorry.Fortunately, there is "Fei Ge" from the food industry to mobilize the heartbeat of hundreds of millions of people, and people's consciousness has gradually become sober at this moment.

There are many types of brand classifications, new brands, old brands, and related issues, such as brand aging, etc.米国生活This division, now is the time to say:

According to the classification of brand beneficiaries,米国生活The brand is divided into: capital brand, people's brand.

capital brand

A capital brand is a brand whose ultimate purpose is to benefit the capital side and make capital profit by sacrificing the explicit or implicit interests of consumers.

The characteristics of capital brand, easy to obtain profit ratio, have sufficient funds for market competition, realize the expansion of market scale, and affect the development of the industry in which the brand is located, as well as have an important impact on related organizations and the environment.

Surplus value of capital -米国生活-brand

people brand

The people's brand is a brand that takes the benefit of the people as the ultimate goal, continuously improves the acquisition of the people's explicit or implicit value, and makes the people lasting trust and recognition.

The characteristics of the people's brand, it is difficult to obtain the marketing recognition of the market, there is no fancy marketing methods and packaging, and there is no need to spend money on advertising to determine a business channel with guaranteed profits, only to make products for the people, insist on Own principles, stick to the bottom line of conscience, develop slowly, seek market opportunities, and never give up the original intention of goodness and beauty in the face of various challenges.

The difference between brand PR

Different brands have different tendencies.

Capital brand public relations, the first thing is to suppress the event, not to change the product, because its business model and profit method are realized by products with low quality or low cost performance. If the product is changed, its cost will increase and the price will increase. Rising, the market will lose.This is the key to choosing a strong public relations brand of capital, suppressing the voices of consumers in the market, and suppressing the voices of commentators.Does it feel familiar.

People's brand public relations, they will choose to apologize at the first time, they will first reflect on whether they have not done a good job in the product, whether they have harmed the interests of the people, and then improve their products and services to gain the understanding and support of the people.

米国生活I have always hoped to transfer the customers I serve from the capital brand line to the people's brand line, but I found that it is as difficult as killing some brands to change their minds; some brands are verbally recognized, but they are slow to act; Of course, pure people's brands may not need米国生活To provide more brand services, more enterprise management services are needed to improve enterprise efficiency and operational,米国生活The strategy for brand service is to develop from brand service to enterprise management consulting service, to prepare for the emergence of more people's brands.

Misunderstanding of brand classification

Dividing brands into capital brands and people’s brands according to the beneficiaries does not mean that capital brands are the specialties of capitalist countries, and they can appear in any scene that competes with capitalist brands, including in socialist countries.Likewise, the people's brand is not a special product of socialist countries. It can appear in government and corporate environments that are conscious of serving the people, including capitalist countries.

Through the classification of this article and the analysis of public relations practices, you can see that among the brands currently in the hot search, who are capital brands, who are people's brands, who are 50% capital brands, and who are 70% people's brands.Look at the world calmly.So, see if that's the case.

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