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Changes in the number of people's encyclopedia browsing and internal analysis from the speeches of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

When the author was listening to the representatives of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China answering reporters’ questions, I might not know the representatives. It was unheard of before. The author’s habit is to search for names and look up Wikipedia. Fortunately, these representatives have Wikipedias, and Baidu Wikipedia also naturally ranks them. In the first place, it is easy to check his resume and learn about his information.However, here are a few more things we can analyze, as follows:

Whether the speeches of different representatives of the XNUMXth National Congress have different influences on the masses

Each representative has his own style, different speech temperament, different image temperament, and answers to different questions. In fact, the influence of individual analysis of speech is not complete and unique. It can only be said that when speaking, it triggers Different numbers of users search and follow, and the number of browsing times through Baidu People Encyclopedia is different.

Changes and growth in user clicks

This article does not cite specific representative information, only objective data, data source: Baidu Encyclopedia access statistics, data time on the afternoon of October 2022, 10, final data refresh screenshot time on October 17, 2022 around 10:17 pm, start data time At around 6:2022 pm on October 10, 17, the specific start time of the three is slightly different, because the author will search whoever speaks after watching the video, but it is estimated that the impact on the statistical data will not be very large. Ignore the difference for the time being and regard it as the starting time Probably the same.

Representative of the 2022th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 10-17-175550 XNUMX

226948-219565=7383, during which more than XNUMX Baidu People Encyclopedia visits increased.

Xu 2022th National Congress representative 10-17-175802 XNUMX

1022997-993907=29090, an increase of nearly XNUMX Baidu People Encyclopedia visits during the period.

Representative of the 2022th National Congress of the Communist Party of China 10-17-175927 XNUMX

544920-501682=43238, during which more than XNUMX Baidu People Encyclopedia visits increased.

Please check that the above calculation results are accurate.

Analysis of the reasons and sources of clicks that attract users to search

User search clicks may have the following possible reasons:

4. It may be that he does not know the person's resume and is interested in him; possible value (rough estimate): 5/XNUMX ★★★★☆

1. Maybe I know the person's resume and want to look again; possible value (rough estimate): 5/XNUMX ★☆☆☆☆

2. It may be well spoken, which has aroused interest in the professionalism of the content; possible value (rough estimate): 5/XNUMX ★★☆☆☆

5. It may be that the overall feeling is good, and trust is generated; possible value (rough estimate): 5/XNUMX ★★★★★

3. It may be that there are many answers to questions and a long time to show up; possible value (rough estimate): 5/XNUMX ★★★☆☆

Represents the difference analysis of Baidu Baike basic data

I'm sorry, I remember that I didn't search the host's character encyclopedia, and I didn't have the data to analyze the host's Baidu People's Encyclopedia performance data.

Different point 1, the access bases of the three speakers are different.That is to say, the number of visits at the beginning is different. According to the above data, this data does not have much impact. According to the above possibility analysis, the first possibility and possible value play a major role;

Difference 2, the expression styles of the three speakers are different.Different expression styles will give people different feelings. The author believes that a more attractive expression style will result in a more increase in the browsing records of Baidu People Encyclopedia.So, what style is more attractive?Please think for yourself, it is not the scope of the public analysis and elaboration of this article; through the analysis of the above data and possible reasons, the author believes that the combination of the first and fourth possible reasons (relying on the first possibility as the premise) has produced the effect of data growth ;

Different point 3, the speaking time of the three speakers is different.The author believes that a long speaking time will play a positive role in increasing the number of views. However, because people who pay attention to the speech may be watching from the beginning to the end, in the live broadcast scenario, subsequent re-speaking and previous speaking will increase the search for new faces. It does not play a key role, but in the recording and broadcasting scenario, the length of time that different people watch the video, whether they have finished watching them all, or whether they have come in midway and have not watched the previous video playback after the recording and broadcasting is over, will have a repetitive impact, so In this case, speaking many times and showing your face for a long time will have a certain effect.

Difference 4, which overlaps with Difference 2, only emphasizes the difference in key points, which is the difference in the depth of understanding of the Twenty Major Reports.Because the three representatives responded with the content determined in the opening ceremony of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the content source is the same, and they all have manuscripts in hand, so the basic data source is basically the difference is very small, if there is a different division of labor, but this The division of labor should be objective and should not produce differences, so the specific differences should be reflected in the depth of understanding of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China report, as well as the degree of understanding of China's development, recognition of China's plans, and expectations for China's future. , the difference in inner understanding reflects different body language and rhythm language of expression.

Seeing the Encyclopedia of Enterprise Characters from the Encyclopedia of the Top XNUMX Representatives

Some people want to publicize their company and corporate philosophy through the Encyclopedia of Corporate Characters. The author thinks this is a legitimate business requirement, as long as the content is real.Because as long as you create a character encyclopedia, it will be difficult to delete it.Therefore, people who are Encyclopedia of People, especially the founders of Encyclopedia, must have a good Encyclopedia plan.

Character encyclopedia has a certain brand image promotion effect on the enterprise, which is an indirect effect and does not directly improve the performance of the enterprise.People Encyclopedia allows consumers or customers to better understand the company's founding concept, the founder's entrepreneurial and growth process, the company's endurance and ability to innovate and challenge, and increase consumers' or customers' trust in the company.

According to the press conference of the XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in order to increase the search of people encyclopedia, and to improve the brand exposure and credibility in parallel, it is necessary for the founder to show up, speak, or ask or answer challenging and unique questions on various occasions. .It can be better understood from popular figures, such as the founder of SpaceX.

At last,米国生活Do not help to write the encyclopedia of corporate founders, this requires the founders to express their own opinions, because米国生活I think this is the foundation of how far a company can go.


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