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New Media and Brand Marketing

XNUMX. The characteristics of brand marketing communication in the new media era

New media is an intelligent news media that develops trends based on the basic integration of Internet technology and emerging information technology. It uses various digital technologies to create real earthquake scenes, Internet technology, etc. to promote the dissemination of information content. More artistic, detailed and precise.New media is called the "fifth media" by the brand image because of its high cost performance, high precision arrival, convenient marketing and promotion, wide range of methods, rich and colorful methods, and strong participation.New media communication has the characteristics of participation, positive and negative, and low cost. The following is an in-depth analysis of the characteristics of new media communication.

1. Participatory Communication

In the Internet age, compared with traditional TV sets, newspapers, magazines and periodicals, the biggest feature of new media is that it is interchangeable. New media service platform, carry out brand communication and plan planning, and analyze the customer statistical data information content on this social network platform based on Internet big data, grasp the requirements of different customers, integrate its own brand characteristics, and purposefully provide Customers show high-quality service items and feelings, and finally achieve the actual effect of publicizing and planning the brand.This kind of interactive communication and communication method enables enterprises to communicate effectively with customers immediately and improves the time and area restrictions, which not only reduces the distance between enterprises and customers, but also helps enterprises to publicize and plan their own brands.

2. The positive and negative nature of communication

In the Internet age, information content spreads faster, spreads faster, and the audience is widespread. Once it is loved by the audience, the popularity and characteristics of the brand will quickly be cared by more people.However, it is especially important to note that the dissemination of Internet technical information content is a two-sided aspect. In addition to disseminating high-quality products and excellent corporate brands, it will also disseminate negative news about enterprises.Once the negative news of the enterprise is spread, the enterprise should immediately adopt countermeasures to suppress and eliminate the negative news. Therefore, in order to obtain the actual effect of negative and well-known publicity planning, the enterprise must also improve the quality of its own brand and the overall enterprise. Strength, is to put it bluntly, "the iron also needs to be hard."

3. Reduce the cost of corporate publicity and planning

According to Internet media advertising, to carry out brand promotion planning, companies must pay a lot of promotion costs, but traditional brand promotion planning has no purpose and cannot guarantee accurate promotion.In the era of new media, brand publicity planning is basically zero cost or very little cost. Brand communication can use Internet big data to analyze the characteristics of customers, accurately measure the number of articles read by advertising words, and then carry out purposeful development. Precise marketing, for the diversity and multiple channels of Internet communication, reasonably reduces the cost of advertising words for brand communication, reduces corporate expenses, improves communication efficiency, and expands the reputation of the company.

XNUMX. Deficiencies in brand marketing communication in the new media era

1. Lack of high emphasis on brand marketing

Because the vast majority of enterprises are not large in scale of operation, lack of resources and weak in overall economic development, they immediately lack the economic development and application of brand marketing, thus ignoring the necessity of brand infrastructure and marketing communication.Secondly, with the continuous expansion of the business scale of enterprises, the competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. Many enterprises will increase their market share according to the "price competition" strategy, and feel that the marketing of the enterprise brand needs to wait for the enterprise to have a certain overall situation. After the development of strength, it is ignored that the basic construction of corporate brand is a long-term continuous process.

2. Marketing awareness sticks to stereotypes

Encountered by the rapidly developing sales and marketing environment, many entrepreneurs are conservative and outdated.Outdated marketing awareness, afraid of trying new items, using traditional single marketing strategies, lack of creativity in sales and marketing themed activities, can not use diversified marketing methods, relying on new media to upgrade the company's marketing methods, seriously endangering Enterprise development trend.The company's marketing theme activities are blocked, and the company's brand marketing cannot be carried out reasonably.

3. The precise positioning of marketing and publicity planning is disordered and the method is inappropriate

The management and decision makers of the enterprise have the concept of blindly following the trend, completely ignoring the precise positioning of their own brand, whether their own brand is suitable for the development trend of this service platform, where the total traffic is popular, and where marketing is needed, and how others do marketing, I also learn how , completely without considering whether the marketing method is suitable for itself and other problems.Such short-term, rapid marketing will hinder the long-term development trend of enterprises.

XNUMX. Discussion on Countermeasures of Brand Marketing Communication in the New Media Period

1. Marketing standards

The standards of new media marketing are still traceable, and grasping this standard is like obtaining a "sword book", and being able to stand out in the "world" with one's own skills and diligence.

(1) Precision marketing standards.In addition to using the Internet and mobile Internet to create their own brand image, enterprises should use Internet big data to carry out precise marketing to select the overall target consumers who are suitable for their own brand and do the most important marketing.For example, the audience of "Xiaohongshu APP" is a big coffee lover, and skin care product brands can enter the Xiaohongshu APP to carry out publicity planning according to the star effect. Topic discussion, news reports, theme activities and other communication methods carry out publicity planning for the brand, so as to achieve precise marketing.

(2) Independent innovation of marketing standards.The sales market is constantly changing. The advent of all new things will often endanger the development trend of the sales market. Therefore, integrating into the sales market is a key criterion for brand communication.The independent innovation of enterprises is not only about innovative technology, but also the way of brand communication should be constantly innovated. Especially in the era of new media, novel and distinctive brand marketing strategies can usually attract the attention of a large number of audiences. The expected spread of the actual effect.

(3) Personalized marketing standards.Personalized marketing means that enterprises should not only consider the humanized requirements of consumers, but also have humanized characteristics of corporate brands.For example, Jingdong Mall, Jumei Youpin, etc. The characteristics of Jingdong Mall are fast delivery, and the characteristics of Vipshop are branding. Therefore, humanized marketing can make the audience the first to think of you when it is necessary.

2. The perfection of brand marketing strategies in the new media period

Because new media has the characteristics of faster dissemination and unrestricted dissemination, for the deficiencies in the whole process of corporate brand marketing in the new media era, enterprises should improve the countermeasures of brand marketing, so as to enable enterprises to achieve long-term development trends.

(1) Attach great importance to brand marketing.With the expansion of the business scale of the enterprise, the market demand it encounters is also greater. The management decision makers of many enterprises should feel that the "price competition" effect is good, the project investment is small, and they can quickly occupy the sales market without taking risks. Project investment, and then do brand marketing after the overall strength of economic development is strong, this kind of logical thinking is actually short-sighted.The basic construction of the enterprise's own brand should be from the beginning to the end. It should integrate the development trend of the sales market to carry out brand marketing, and attach great importance to the management methods of excellent talents and team basic construction. , should pay more attention to the development trend of media integration, and improve the staff's grasp of the technical quality of new media.

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