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News Feed Optimization News optimization is how to do it?

News sourceIt means that the information in the site is preferentially included by the search engine and reprinted by the network media as the source media of the network news in accordance with the standards of search engine news inclusion.News source has the characteristics of "seed source" of online news, fast collection, wide reprint and certain credibility and authority.

  • News source refers to a mechanism that crawls some website news or information content as a content source according to search engine news inclusion standards.
  • The main body of the news source is the website, and the news source is the information that can be searched in the news of the search engine.
  • News source refers to the standard of search engine seed news station, and the information published in the station will be preferentially included by search engine at the first time.
  • Compared with search engines, news sources include Google news sources, Sogou news sources, 360 news sources, etc. Different search engines have different requirements for news inclusion, and what is included in Baidu News may not be included in Google News; In terms of search, news sources refer to search engines that include news from web pages by specialized news channels.

News Feed Features:

The "seed source" of online news——The source of domestic online news. The news source has media influence and provides original and valuable news content.
Fast collection- Websites preferred by news sources, information will be preferentially included by search engines.
reprinted——Most news sources are formal and legal, and domestic online media reprint sources with a wide range of reprints.
Credibility and Authority——The rules of news source inclusion make the included news have certain credibility and authority.

Baidu News Feed

On March 2017, 3, Baidu announced that it would cancel the news source database.The reason is that Baidu has upgraded its time-sensitive content recognition technology, and the form of the original independent news source database is no longer suitable for use. (The main reason is the appearance of the bear paw number, making way for the bear paw number) Before this, Baidu News Feed submission methods and requirements are as follows:
value judgement: Possess news editing capabilities, has high-quality original information content that matches the site's own theme, and has a certain degree of user awareness and a certain scale of news sites in its target field.
site type: Including traditional media, comprehensive portals, government & organizations, vertical industry websites, local media, etc.
Inclusion criteria:
Types of
priority channel
To include or not to include as appropriate
traditional media
Main channel news, current affairs, legal system, military, society, etc.
Non-main channels, such as health, history, etc., are included as appropriate
Integrated Portal
Main channel news, domestic, international, military, social, etc.
Non-major channels such as health, history, games, travel, etc. are included as appropriate
Government/Agency Website
Government/Agency News Channels
Not included in non-news channels
Vertical Industry Portal
Channels with matching topics
Non-topic matched channels are not included
Local Portal/Local Media
Provincial portal/media's local news channel
City and county-level local portals/media's news channels are included as appropriate
General industry
Channels with matching topics
Non-topic matched channels are not included
Although the Baidu News Feed Database has been cancelled, the Baidu News Search Engine News Feed inclusion standard - "Internet News Open Protocol" is still valid for the inclusion of Baidu
Baidu News inclusion requirements: Officially published online editions of newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations; official websites of governments and organizations; possessing high-quality original information content, with a certain degree of user awareness and a certain scale in its target field. Faithful reading group portal, local information port, industry information website.
Baidu News does not include: blogs, forums, software downloads and other non-news websites; corporate websites; personal websites; websites without a fixed user base and influence.
Websites that meet the inclusion criteria can apply through Tieba, and get a review reply within 5 working days.


The news source of the search engine, that is, the news source of the search engine, is also the place where the search engine collects news and related industry information.Among them, news sites or newspapers are important news sources, mainly because the sites and newspapers have certain authority, and the news sources are accurate, timely and reliable.
Search engines need a lot of new knowledge and news to enrich and enrich themselves in order to provide users with better search services and a better experience.
The rich and concentrated knowledge of search engines facilitates finding relevant information.Users can easily obtain news through search engines.Mastering the search engine newsfeed helps the user's rhythm to be in sync with the search engine.There is a certain lag in the news of search engines, and users can directly view and subscribe to news sources of search engines in newspapers, periodicals and sites to make up for this deficiency.
The news sources of search engines are also increasing. With the continuous expansion of Internet knowledge and the more and more detailed classification of knowledge, search engines also need to continuously increase their indexing scope.
Familiarity with and mastering news sources is equivalent to mastering first-hand information resources. These news sources often have blogs, forums, wikis, categories, etc. Search engine optimization can use the excellent articles of these blogs or columns, waiting for search engine robots to crawl .Due to the authority of the news source, it also determines the crawling cycle of robots.Compared to the crawl cycle of personal sites, which can be as long as 10 days, for these news feeds, robots may crawl several times a day.

release channel (米国生活Provide reliable news source publishing and optimization services)

The most important part of news source promotion is the news source release.The advantages and disadvantages of the following distribution channels are compared in the form of a table below:
News Feed Release Channels
media range
Difficulty of operation
Scope of application
Press conference
Large enterprises, major events
Self-published for free
Manuscripts have high requirements for creativity and quality, and are difficult to integrate into advertisements

Brand Value

As a corporate brand communication base, the news source station radiates to the domestic media network, is recognized by consumers and the same industry, and shows its own brand value.The release of news sources can improve the trust of the outside world, including product trust, character popularity, etc.
News Feed Brand Optimization:
By optimizing the news source manuscripts, the favorable information of the enterprise will better appear on the first page or the first three pages of the brand keywords or the information page, and provide comprehensive corporate brand services in combination with hot discussions, post bars, news, videos, etc. Search engine optimization has become a window for companies/brands to transmit official information to the outside world.米国生活Provide professional news source brand optimization services.
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