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Ways to write a press release and brand promotion

Press release-enhancing brand voice-reputation-米国生活

Why do you need a press release service for advocacy writing?

  • Your brand is not well known online and customers lack trust
  • You can't find your company and product information in search engines, and there is no relevant reports from authoritative media.
  • You have a good product or a new event, but don't know how to promote it quickly
  • I have tried a variety of promotions, but the cost is high and the cycle is long, and the effect is not good
  • I have done marketing promotion of soft articles before, but the effect is not satisfactory, I need to find a more professional service provider
  • What to do if there is a malicious attack on the Internet by a competitor
  • I am doing SEO work and hope to further improve the authority of the website
  • I want to be reported in large media such as Sina Netease, but I can't find anyone

Excessive brand marketing, news marketing has become a new outlet for new and old brands

Excessive marketing will inevitably lead to disgust and resistance of consumers, which will lead to marketing failure.This failure forced the company to choose a stronger marketing stimulus, which further deepened the audience's resentment and resistance, and the company became more and more exhausted and helpless.For enterprises, marketing is caught in a dilemma. If there is no marketing, there will be no customers, and marketing is afraid of customer service disgust. This is the current marketing cycle that enterprises face.Based on the above reasons, enterprises urgently need a new marketing model to get out of this vicious circle and regain the trust of consumers.

The promotion effect of press release service on enterprise brand

  • ①The news covers major domestic portal websites, improving the social credibility and market influence of the enterprise;
  • ②News, to enhance the corporate brand image, has a large number of page views, a high exposure rate, and a high degree of attention;
  • ③ News is reprinted by websites and blogs in large numbers, forming a certain social influence;
  • ④News and soft articles seize search engine traffic;
  • ⑤ News advertisment maintains the brand and solves crisis public relations.

What is a press release?

Press releases have long been regarded as official statements, part of a company's permanent, public record, and an important asset in branded content.It is a communication channel sent by companies/institutions/governments/schools to the media to announce newsworthy news. Many press releases are used to inform major media about news of press conferences.A press release is different from news, a press release is an article that encourages journalists to write on the subject.

What is a soft manuscript?

As the name suggests, soft articles are "text advertisements" written by the marketing planners of the company or the copywriters of the advertising company, as opposed to the hard advertisements.Compared with hard advertisements, the reason why soft articles are called soft articles lies in the word "soft", which perfectly combines the publicity content with the content of the article, so that users can understand what the planner wants to promote when reading the article. A good press release is two-way, that is, the customer gets the content he wants and needs, and also understands the content of the promotion.

  • ①SEO Press Release | News Generation | Press Release Writing | Beijing Press Release Promotion Company-米国生活The media resources promoted by the press release have fully covered more than 5000+ well-known media resources such as large-scale portals, local information ports, and industry portals across the country.
  • ②SEO Press Release | News Generation | Press Release Writing | Beijing Press Release Promotion Company-米国生活The professional soft paper planning team for soft paper promotion, a large number of professional writers, provide you with the best quality soft paper writing service!
  • ③The experience of posting hundreds of manuscripts every day and the dedicated service of thousands of customers can serve you more accurately and quickly.
  • ④EO Press Release | News Release | Press Release Writing | Beijing Press Release Promotion Company-米国生活Ads Promotion provides advising and seo advice and guidance, so that your advertisment can get the best display effect on search engines, and make your brand and service spread more powerfully!
  • ⑤SEO Press Release | News Generation | Press Release Writing | Beijing Press Release Promotion Company-米国生活The press release promotes the online customer service dedicated line service, and professionals will answer your press release questions.
  • ⑥SEO Press Release | News Generation | Press Release Writing | Beijing Press Release Promotion Company-米国生活Press Release Promotion provides various types of press releases and press releases!

Win customer repurchase and referrals:

  • ①One-to-one specialist service, related order business is processed on the same day, and immediate reply
  • ②After the order is provided, we will process it in the first time
  • ③According to the number of manuscripts, all published in 1-3 days, and submit the manuscript report
  • ④The integrated marketing business can customize the plan according to the needs of customers

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