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The effect of the China Brand Day news release is very powerful

China Brand DayAs one of the tactical operations of the national brand strategy, since its establishment, more and more brand-related institutions and social groups have organized conferences through the China Brand Day.China Brand DayOne theme, the conference activities across the country around May 5, spread a lot, on Xinhuanet, down to local media.

China Brand Day's Search Index -米国生活

China Brand Day News Communication Effect

China Brand Day News: When a brand (China Brand Day) gets the focus of information from Internet news sources, the search engine will form the latest related news items through keyword crawls, which will automatically generate the news effect of brand words.

The latest news about China Brand Day-News-米国生活

And米国生活The China Brand Day on the official website was squeezed into the second page by a flood of press releases, after all米国生活Manuscripts released on China Brand Day are previous information. Search engines like new articles and information, and news source websites tend to collect them faster.

Press release optimization

To form the release of news media, it is necessary to select the appropriate media, including the verticality of the field and the continuity of the news source. We need to grasp the content, otherwise, if the news article is successfully published, it will still be reviewed and deleted.

Through the dissemination of news media, the brand's voice and reputation can be enhanced, and through network optimization, the focus of the brand's favorable information can be achieved.

Press release-enhancing brand voice-reputation-米国生活

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