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reCaptcha-Google Captcha fails to show solution

reCaptcha is a method of Google's human-machine verification. It is a protection method made to avoid robot attacks on websites, including email marketing, browsing, downloading and other behaviors that damage websites.However, many foreign websites use reCaptcha. For those who access the resources of reGaptcha functional sites, the lack of them in China is often a hassle, and the use of excellent foreign resources is hindered.In order to solve this problem, this article provides a solution, and the test is not bad. Chrome browser plugin Header Editor…

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Several advanced uses of website widgets

Like plugins, widgets of website CMS are one of the powerful assistants to help WordPress expand various functions.However, when most people see widgets, the first thing that comes to mind is "a tool for rearranging small sections of the sidebar" without any code.This idea is correct, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of widget usage. 1. Widget Logic plug-in Sometimes you may want to display different widgets on different pages. The Widget Logic plugin can do that for you.Plugin installation...

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Website development assistance plugin debug-bar

For wordpress development, it is best to have relevant development tools. Just like Apple has xcode, we all need tools. Creating and using tools is one of the main characteristics that distinguish humans from animals. device. debug bar In addition to the debug bar itself, other extension plugins that rely on the debug bar can also use query monitor

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Website CMS opens development and debugging mode

The configuration file of the mode is in the config file, first find the config file, search for wp-config.php, find the file and open it, find about line 78, close the debug mode, close the error, define('WP-DEBUG',false) ; Change it to: enable debug mode, enable error reporting, define('WP_DEBUG',true); define('WP_DEBUG',true); define('WP_DEBUG',true); …

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The website realizes the function of user points

The idea of ​​website integration: 1. Two data tables need to be prepared. (1) Points dynamic table, used to record the increase or decrease of points for all users. (2) The total user points table is used to record the total points of users. Of course, the total number of user points can be recorded in the usermeta data table, so this table is not necessary. 2. The background requires 3 pages. (1) Points dynamics, obtain data from the "Points Dynamics Table" to display the user's point dynamics. (2) User points, obtain data from the "User Points Table", which is convenient to check the total points of users. (3) Points…

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Website construction to realize the function of invitation code

Some customers need to register with an invitation code, and Ashu Studio will contribute the implementation code. When implementing the function of the invitation code, a plug-in was used as a reference.Ideas: 1. You need to create a new data table to save the invitation code. 2. Two pages are required in the background: Invitation Code List and Add Invitation Code. 3. When adding an invitation code, you need to be able to set a prefix, generate multiple invitation codes at one time, the length of the invitation code can be customized, and the number of times each invitation code can be used can be set.Data table code: invitation code, max: invitation code usage times, users: all users who use this verification code, statu...

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Website User Roles Navigation MenuNav-Menu-Roles

Role Navigation Menu Nav-Menu-Roles Plugin Description This plugin allows you to hide custom menu items based on user roles.So if you have a link in the menu and you only want to show this plugin to logged in users, certain types of users, or even only logged out users, then this plugin is for you.Navigation menu roles are very flexible.In addition to the standard user roles, you can add your own checkboxes with custom labels using the nav_menu_roles filter, then use the nav_menu_roles_item_visibil…

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Login to allow viewing of website content

WordPress login to view the website content, jump to the login page if you are not logged in.There are quite a few people who have such needs, some of them may be data or something, and some of them are just for edge balls.The implementation code is very simple. Just find a hook that will be executed by the whole site. Here we choose a template_redirect hook. This action hook is executed when the template is loaded. Of course, many others can be used.

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Ajax realizes article top step: like it or not

The content to be implemented in this application tutorial is the article rating function, or "like" or "dislike".Implementation steps: This example takes the likes and dislikes shown in the above figure as an example.XNUMX. Create a new data table Create a new data table, save the article voting data in the new data table, we need to record the user ID, article ID, voting content, user ip, the new data table is as follows: /******** *Update rewrite rules ****************/ function ashu_load_theme() { global $pagenow…

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