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How to use Baidu search correctly?

Baidu search needs to learn to use spaces

Use spaces to segment keywords. Of course, if you don't use spaces, Baidu will also give you word segmentation, but when you use spaces, your own semantics can more accurately understand your needs.

Baidu secondary column use

If you want to see the map, you can switch to the map column, or you can use if you are used to it. If you want to watch videos, information, etc., you can switch to the corresponding column respectively, so that the search results are more vertical.There is no second-level domain name for video and information. Img, wenku, tieba, baike, map, zhidao, etc. are all second-level domain names. Information and video are search results under the first-level domain name.

SEO-米国生活-Baidu secondary column secondary domain name

It is customary to use - as a connector in the title of a website. In fact, it is a separator for search engines and a space for users.

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