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What are the Baidu search page title specifications that SEOers need to master?

Beijing SEO CompanyParse Baidu search page title specification:

For search users, the title is the most intuitive way of cognition and presentation of a web page, and it is also a key factor in attracting users to click on the search results to enter the landing page.

In order to ensure the effective acquisition of the required resources by search users and ensure the fairness of search results, Baidu Search has now released the "Baidu Search Web Title Specification", hoping to meet the needs of users and bring more traffic to webmasters to achieve win-win.

Definition of title

web contentAccurate and concisedescription of.

Representation in the source code of the web page.

The role of the title

For search users, the title can help users quickly gain insight into the content of the web page and the relevance of the web page to the search needs.It is usually the main piece of information used to decide which result the user clicks on.

Therefore,Using high-quality page titles is essential for a website.

Baidu search page title specification

title principle

• The website should ensure that each page under the site has a designated title, andDifferent pages on the same site should have different titles;

• Page titles should accurately summarize page content and avoid vague and irrelevant descriptions;

• Page titles should be concise and to the point, avoid lengthy titles and avoid keyword stuffing;

• The page title symbols are used correctly. It is recommended to refer to Baidu's suggested usage of title symbols.

Disallowed title types

When the title has the following bad problems, the corresponding search result display restrictions will be imposed on such results.

The title is false 

Refers to the situation that the title does not match the content of the web page and deceives the user to click.

Type 1: Fake official website

Refers to an unofficial website, but the title is expressed as an official website.

Type 2: Unable to meet user needs

For example: the title indicates that the novel txt can be downloaded or read online, but the page does not provide download services or induce users to download the APP; or the title indicates that Baidu Cloud downloads and supports online viewing, but the page cannot be downloaded or viewed online. .

Type 3: The title statement is partially false

For example, the title of a webpage indicates that there is a university ranking in Jiangsu, but the page only has a list of universities, and there is no ranking-related content.

Repeated and stacked titles

Refers to the situation in which a website obtains improper traffic by means such as excessive repetition or stacking of page titles.

Type 1: Excessive repetition of title keywords

Type 2: A large number of keyword tags with similar semantics are piled up in the title

Good Page Title Suggestions

A high-quality webpage title can not only clearly express the main purpose of the webpage, but also provide effective guidance to search users and attract target users to click.For titles that meet high-quality standards, Baidu will give more preferential treatment.

The composition of the title

Baidu page titles can be summarized in the format of "core words + modifiers", with no more than 3 modifiers recommended.

The specific instructions are as follows:

Page type

page type description

Suggested title format


Home The home page is the entrance to the entire website site name/brand name - Home/Official website/slogan

Note: The core words of such pages are brand words/Website name, modifiers include official website, official website, homepage, homepage,Home, the websiteslogan, site parent brand terms, etc.

Youku Homepage

Taobao - !I like

Jingdong - Genuine low price, quality assurance, timely delivery, easy shopping!

List In-site channels/list page List/channel name - Superior Channel(can save) - site name

Note: The core word of this type of page is a list/Channel direction content, the modifier can be the site name and parent channel content, the site name modifier must be placed at the end

Men's Channel - Vipshop

Youku Finance - Youku

Topic Aggregation Pages The main aggregation page is a collection of content aggregated around various attributes of a topic. "Topics - attribute1 - attribute2 - site name"

Note: The core word of this type of page is the surrounding topic. The modifier can be the attribute of the topic, the content of the superior channel, and the site name. When the site name is a modifier, it must be placed at the end.

Chengdu Travel Guide - Play route - Free walk guide - Ctrip travel
Content page Content pages refer to specific content pages, such as article detail pages, product detail pages, and specific video play pages, etc. Title format:"Content title - List/channel name(can save) - site name"

Note:1, The core word of such pages is the main description of the content, such as the title of the article, the name of the video, the product/The name of the store, etc., the modifier can be the content of the superior channel, the site name, and the site name must be placed at the end of the modifier

2, The content title suggests a sentence to indicate, do not repeat the expression, and repeat no more than3

The practice of braised pork - menu - Xiangha Net

18Typhoon No."Terry"generate,or this year"wind king”! - China News Network

title symbol

question type

Suggested treatment

spacers (or consecutive spacers) such as. _ ..- unified into -
Brackets: ﹛﹜『』〖〗[][] (book title, except parentheses), etc., the number of characters in brackets is less than or equal to4words Change to "" or [ ]
Parentheses: ﹛﹜『』〖〗[][] (book title, except parentheses), etc., the number of characters in parentheses is greater than4words delete
Double punctuation: "",""wait for no pair delete
appearemoji delete
Consecutive spaces in a sentence leave a space
Spaces before and after punctuation in sentences Remove spaces, keep punctuation
Meaningless symbols appear at the end of the title: Chinese and English periods, commas, semicolons, dashes delete
Chinese period in sentence change to space
Chinese followed by English punctuation, English followed by Chinese punctuation change to Chinese/English punctuation
Consecutive punctuation with an ellipsis at the end keep ellipsis

 Baidu title rewriting mechanism

In order to ensure the experience of search users, Baidu Search will rewrite some page titles that are easy to mislead users, including but not limited to the following situations:

  • For over-optimized site homepages such as title stuffing,Baidu search will rewrite the over-optimized title directly into the site name or company name;
  • For some pages with ambiguous meanings, Baidu search will extract the key information of the page from the page and supplement it in the title, to ensure that users can obtain effective information in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about the specification, please passFeedback centerContact Baidu Dasou customer service.

*On December 2018, 12, in the "3 Symbols of Titles" section of this article, "changed to """ has been replaced with "changed to "" or [ ]".

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