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8 points that companies need to know before choosing an SEO company

100% commitment

Because seo is uncertain, some companies can't make promises. At this time, companies may turn to look for companies that can make promises.However, companies that give 100% commitment are often the least reliable.

Company website

Almost all companies that do seo will have their own website, so companies can check their website ranking before choosing. If they can't even do their own website well, can they still believe that they will do it for customers? Okay?When looking at the rankings, you should also pay attention not only to the current rankings, but also to the historical rankings. If the rankings are only temporary, it may be that they have used irregular means.

seo black and white

Maybe some seo companies will say that they don't need to do tedious work, and they don't need to spend a long time to get the ranking up, then you need to pay attention at this time, the other party may be achieved through black hat seo, that is, cheating, In this way, the ranking will be greatly improved in a short period of time, but in the later stage, the website will often be closed, which is not worth the loss.It is still necessary to choose formal methods and techniques, and make long-term plans.

The most expensive is the best?

The charging standards of seo companies are different. Don't believe in the argument that price determines strength, and ignore the fact that there is good quality and low price.Ask more, choose carefully, and find the best one for you.

Various packages to choose from

Under normal circumstances, seo companies will provide many kinds of packages, which are dazzling and dizzying, but you must choose according to your actual situation, do not blindly choose rich content, which will not only waste money, but may not achieve good results.

Don't be blank

When signing the contract, you must clarify your goals and results, and also stipulate the other party's responsibilities when they cannot complete the contract within the agreed time.If there is no division of responsibilities, the contract will become a dead letter.

Cost Control

When paying, if you can pay monthly, don't pay for one year at one time, which is conducive to your own cost control and monitoring the execution of the seo company.If you think that the cooperating company is not doing well, it will not cause the problem of difficult refund.

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