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Analysis of Amway's deletion door, how to deal with deletion correctly and legally?

What happened to the negative news deleted by Amway Gate?

Background: Amway responded to the "deletion door", saying that it had terminated cooperation without knowing the inside information

Amway said in the reply letter that SEO, the English acronym for search engine optimization, is a very common public relations method at home and abroad.BrandsOr institutions are doing it, and there is a market size of tens of billions in China.

"Amway has also been maliciously attacked by large-scale online rumors in the past few years." NoAll the manuscripts cannot be deleted. You can provide evidence. If the solution is solved by showing the official letter of evidence, you can still delete it..Those who have been hacked, slandered, and misused should be dealt with actively. The report should be reported, the lawyer's letter should be sent, and the prosecution should be sued. Amway said in the reply letter that Amway is based onSearch Engine OptimizationThe standard payment, but doing so is time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly, and the effect is not yet good, and D&S has cooperated with Wu Qiumin, He Wei and other people who paid for deleting posts. The huge profits of more than 440 yuan, so the court found that Deith was operating illegally.

China Judgment Documents Network (China Judgment Network 2017 Amway Reputation Dispute Judgment)

Quoted from the direct sales headline:

Search Engine Negative Sources

The negative sources of search engines generally come from unequal commercial interests. As a direct selling company, Amway’s direct selling is carried out by participating in distributors and making sales profits. First of all, direct selling companies such as Amway have individuals who have not achieved their sales goals, Technology-based companies, other teams, etc., these are negative for the company, the company's products are there, and the sales channel is the country's legal direct sales, but there is "pyramid marketing" in the market that is driven by the greed of dealers and those involved in the distribution. The illusion of the brand is maliciously exaggerated and the brand is damaged.

Negative public opinion suppression

Because of the negative aspects of the brand, it is generally carried out by the public relations team. At present, the international big companies like Amway in the market are mostly cooperating with well-known domestic public relations companies, and most of the public relations companies do not have the technical strength of SEO, because the public relations will Most things belong to the liberal arts, and the sciences are all outsourced. However, the outsourced contractors of the liberal arts are mostly smaller liberal arts students, and they are not technical. This is how the company that deletes posts. There is no real SEO ability, and Yes, the exchange of benefits.In this way, the deletion company

Paying to delete manuscripts is illegal and a vicious circle

After paying to delete the manuscript, if these people who receive the money are in a hurry, they may show their abilities and delete the post for a fee. If there is no post to delete, it may lead to negative reprinting and other behaviors, malicious dissemination, and waiting for people to find him. A vicious circle has been formed, which is unfavorable to the brand side and unfavorable to the normal operation of the market.

No business, no harm

Deleting posts is free, and brand maintenance is charged annually. Deleting posts is not paid to delete posts, but executed through legal channels. For example, if you communicate with the reprinter, your reprint is without evidence and is an infringement. If the other party confirms that he has acted excessively , delete it, if the other party does not admit it, it may need to go to court. Of course, according to the situation of the post, there are about 20 types of negative posts, which need different legal methods to deal with.

Doubt solving: Paid deletion of articles is illegal ≠ Search engine SEO optimization

After the paid deletion incident, many people think that SEO is equivalent to illegal deletion, but this is actually a misunderstanding of many people. SEO, the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization), is a technology that analyzes the ranking rules of search engines to understand how various search engines conduct searches, how to crawl Internet pages, and how to determine the ranking of search results for specific keywords. .It is mainly through the release of positive information about the enterprise, the communication and deletion of negative information, and a series of technical means to optimize the presentation of enterprises in the search results.There are two main types of search engine optimization techniques: black hat and white hat.Deceiving search engines and visitors by cheating, and eventually being punished by search engines are called black hats, such as hiding keywords, creating a lot of meta words, alt tags, etc.The SEO techniques accepted by search engines through formal techniques and methods are called white hats.

Prediction: The domestic SEO market has a scale of tens of billions?

It is reported that Amway's international perspective allows us to see the domestic XNUMX billion SEO market, while米国生活In line with international standards.Future: DomesticSearch Engine OptimizationWill the market be directly picked up by technology companies?

米国生活With experience in brand maintenance of direct selling companies, understanding of the very complex network environment and ecology, and experience in serving Fortune 500 companies, they can connect with companies such as Amway, Mengniu, and Midea without subcontracting.

米国生活In the field of toB, Amway let us know the size of the market, which will impact the scale of tens of billions.Welcome to drop orders!

At the end of 2020, we are not surprised to see againvipshop door.

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