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Use seo optimization to do crisis public relations

Crisis public relations is an abnormal communication behavior. When bad information appears in the enterprise, the audience will feel nervous and fearful, so crisis public relations emerge as the times require. The purpose is to reduce or eliminate the tension or fear of the audience.
There may be situations where the exposure and clicks are high, but no conversions are seen, and even some customers who generate orders have left.This is most likely due to the presence of bad information on the website, which "scares" customers away.So how should we deal with these bad information for crisis public relations?
1. Find the source
A lot of bad information comes from websites such as forums and Tieba. To find out the reasons for this information, there are usually three channels:
1) Audience word of mouth
Although companies can place a large number of advertisements to shape their own image, they cannot simply delete negative comments from the audience. At this time, it is recommended that companies communicate with customers who have issued negative comments to find the cause of the problem and analyze specific problems. Prove that you are an honest company with practical actions to change the audience's perception of the company.
2) Malicious slander
Few companies do not have competitors, so if the opponent maliciously slanders, the impact on the enterprise is not small, but it is difficult to deal with such bad information, so if the company finds that someone maliciously slanders, it can be collected. The evidence seeks the assistance of the website administrator, and in serious cases, legal means can also be sought to solve the problem.
3) Media Overexposure
There is a saying that "people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong", and the same is true for enterprises. Frequent exposure brings not only traffic, but also negativity.
2. Public Relations
After finding the source, the company must clear the bad information through public relations means.However, after the reduction of bad information on general websites, items such as Baidu snapshots still exist. Do you want to wait for Baidu to update itself?How long will that take?It seems that you still have to complain to Baidu and repeatedly submit relevant certification materials to wait for approval.
3. SEO optimization
For bad information that PR can't handle, or if the company wants to save costs, it's seo's turn. SEO is not to reduce bad information, but to optimize bad information, it is to make the search ranking of these bad information lower, just imagine: after the audience searches for related keywords, the content of bad information is far behind 100, then there will be no How many people will see it again?

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