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User experience: I generally don't click on ad items

Want to do brand optimization, still rely on a lot of advertising?Just imagine, when you browse the web, will you click on advertisements one by one?Or are you already tired of all kinds of ads?
Brand optimization is to improve customer trust and brand awareness, which cannot be achieved by advertising.
XNUMX. Network News
Compared with advertising, news is more authentic and disseminated, and online news is divided into several categories: brand news, product news, and industry information.
1. Brand News
Brand news and brands are most closely linked.Brands do a good job in news dissemination. When users search for the brand's keywords, authoritative media reports on the brand will be displayed on the webpage, and users will naturally have a sense of trust in the brand.
2. Product press release
When users become interested in the brand's products, they will also have an in-depth understanding of the brand or the company that holds the brand, just like when we buy something from a treasure, we also look at previous buyer reviews.In the follow-up search of product or business leaders, there are also some news media reports, the credibility of the brand or business will be improved again, and vice versa may be reduced.
3. Industry information
After users pay attention to the brand, if there is industry information, such as the company participating in a large-scale event, or the company being talked about in a certain industry comment, these will deepen the user's trust in the company.
XNUMX. Q&A Marketing
When shopping online, users will have a lot of concerns because they cannot touch the physical entity. In order to digest these concerns or seek the help of experienced people, everyone is more likely to look at previous customer reviews of products or in various Find answers on a Q&A platform.At this time, if a platform with high authority has carried out favorable publicity for the brand, it can well enhance the credibility of the enterprise.
XNUMX. Encyclopedia entry
Enterprises can create entries for enterprises, brands, products and other related information in Baidu Encyclopedia, which not only establishes a public image, but also increases the exposure of the enterprise and enhances its popularity.Why not do it?
Fourth, the official website optimization
While you’re optimizing your brand on other platforms, don’t forget to go back to your own website and optimize it.
The credibility of the official website may not be as strong as that of third-party platforms such as news media in terms of content, but the official website must have it, and it must reflect the brand words. Of course, the name and logo of the company are essential. It is good to have corporate culture, brand stories and other content to polish, and at the same time pay attention to the beauty and cleanliness of the page.

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