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How to write SEO articles that are useful for brand optimization?

1. Even if the title is a magnet, it will not attract attention...
The title cannot attract the attention of the audience, and the article is not clicked to read, and the conversion rate is naturally low.
Weird names, they think they will attract attention, but in fact they just make people feel like a waste of time.
As a title, it should not only attract attention, but also attract people who need to click, that is, potential customers, so don't blindly pursue individuality, but also conform to the truth, so that people know that your article is writing what.
2. Walking in is not the purpose, staying is!
Do you think you'll be fine after attracting others?Think beautifully!
Just imagine, you open a restaurant, customers come in, look at it, go out, and repeatedly, there are a lot of customers, so have you made any money?I guess I have to pay for a new door curtain, right?
Writing an article is the same as opening a restaurant. The title is the sign, and the content is like the food in the restaurant. People enter the restaurant to eat, and you write an article to get others to click on it so that others can read it.If there is no center or theme, who knows what you want to express, the sentences are incomprehensible, there are a lot of typos, and the punctuation marks are not used correctly. People will think that the person who wrote the article has not graduated from primary school.
3. What do you want to say boldly
When can't wait any longer?
The business and services you provide, the profit and value you can create, and your strength and vision are all directly reflected in the article. It is often more convincing to use the most authentic emotional narrative, and the more it comes from the heart. Shout out to others to be more able to accept your proposition.
4. Keywords are keywords
Are you still doing keyword stuffing like above?When algorithms are fools?
There must be keywords, but they cannot be stacked. This should already be common sense.However, to improve rankings, indexing is indispensable, and keywords are indispensable for indexing, so why not try synonyms?For example, if your word is "brand optimization", you can try to use words such as "brand marketing", "SEO optimization" and so on.

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