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What SEOers need to know about SERPs

SERPs is a Google optimization term meaning Search Engine Result Page(s plural)

Ranking Improvements in the SERPs That are  based on left-wing from Othersites are  on page-by-page basis. (From

SERPOfRankingSufferFromOthersSitesOflinkOfinfluences.ThisaspectOfImprovewant页面Groundget on.

you can determined which pages Google ranks highly highly by the positions they Have in the SERPs, for the Keyword the pages are  targeting. (From

canaccording to页面OnaimsKey wordsOfSERPOf位置ComejudgmentGooglegiveWhich页面highRanking.

when you do rank checkingkeep record of what Keyword you Have searched forwhich pages are  listedand what the ranking is in the SERPs. (From

Onget onRankingan examinationTime.wantrecordingalreadySearchOfKey words,ListWhich页面AndOnSERPOfRanking.

That's it Increase your rating from Google on specific page and Therefore itsranking in the SERPsyour page needs to be linked to from Other highly highly Ranked pages. (From

in order toimproveGooglegivespecific页面OfRankingOnSERPOfRanking.needOthershighRankingOf页面linkyouOf页面.

If thounsands of pages surface in the SERPs for the keyword That you think describes your page the bestyou need to think of how the searcher might deal With this situation.

如果foryouthinkSuitable forDescription自己页面OfKey words.SERPAssociationappearThousandsOf页面.ThenneedconsiderSearchA personAssociationhow is itdeal withThisHappening. (From

searcher doesn't want to click attraverso page after page of SERPsinsteadhe or she will probably type in second word or change the term entirely. (From

SearchA personwill notpagePick uppageGroundClickSERPOflink;ButveryPossibleenterFirsttwoOneSearchword.OrsimplychangeOneSearchword.

We do KnowhoweverThat local SERPs use different algorithm than the main SERPs location-based algorithm. (From

however.weknowlocalSearch结果页面使用versusmainSearch结果页面PlacedifferentOfalgorithm.ThisBeSpeciesbased on位置Of(location-basedalgorithm.

Enable Breadcrumbs for your website and improve your SEO in SERPs
Turn on breadcrumbs to improve your website's search results page SEO (from:

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