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What are the basic SEO operations for new webmasters to get started?

Regardless of whether the company has a full-timeSearch Engine OptimizationOptimizer, basic SEO operations still need to be mastered, otherwise, the automatic marketing effect of the website will be lost.

Getting Started with SEO Basics

Selection and steps of tag optimization of title, description, and keywords of the website:

Website title (title) optimization

The title of different pages of the website cannot be repeated the same. The title content is highly related to the page content, no special symbols are used, no stacking, and the number of characters is limited [about 30 Chinese characters for Baidu and 32 Chinese characters for Google]. Generally, copy the title that exceeds the limit, and compare It is best to limit the length of the title by the length, because no matter how many words, it is still displayed by length. Some have many symbols and some have spaces. Therefore, the specific number of words cannot be directly determined.

Website description (description) writing

It is a refined summary of the content of the web page. Search engines pay much more attention to description than keywords. A well-written description can improve website rankings and increase user click-through rates. A website can have no keywords but must not have no description.
Notes for writing: The descriptions of different pages of the website cannot be repeated, the description content is highly related to the page content, the sentences are concise and smooth, attracting clicks, including keywords, the core keywords are at the top, and more long-tail keywords are incorporated, but do not maliciously accumulate keywords. , To reasonably repeat the keywords, the main keyword appears about 5 times, and the auxiliary keyword appears once.
Word count control: about 70 Chinese characters, no more than 100 Chinese characters, it doesn't matter if there are more characters, the search engine will choose the position of the keyword to appear.
Website keywords (keywords) selection: keywords on different pages of the website cannot be repeated, and keywords should not be stacked. Generally, about 3-5 keywords are written. The keywords are highly related to the content of the page. The symbols between keywords are commas "," , Of course, today's SEO masters do not set keywords!
The key point to remember: Once confirmed, do not modify the above three labels easily, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences!

Keyword optimization

You are welcome to view keyword optimization and selection. Here we talk about the layout of keywords:
1. Set 3-5 keywords on the home page
2. There is a close correlation between the keywords of the channel column page;
3. Set 2-3 keywords for each channel column page;
4. Each article page corresponds to a long-tail keyword;
5. Keywords correspond to URLs, and each important keyword (home page and category page) determines the target page in advance - internal chain construction;

Submit your website to search engines

The inclusion of a website is one of the foundations of seo work. Friends who need to submit entries to major search engines are welcome to come and take a look at my website.
Site link structure and navigation
Link structure: Improve the efficiency of website collection, give spiders multiple paths to crawl, improve page weight, promote website ranking, improve user experience, prompt traffic, reduce bounce rate, and help PR delivery, such as: navigation pages
Website Navigation: Global Navigation, Breadcrumb Navigation, Product Navigation, Related Navigation (The best column level is within three levels, link to each column and use text to navigate).

Set up a 404 page

1. If the website does not set a 404 page, when the user accesses the invalid link, it returns a bunch of codes that ordinary users cannot understand;
2. When the 404 page is set, when the user accesses the invalid link, it returns a page that guides the user to read other pages or return to the home page;

robots.txt protocol file

Here * represents all types of search engines, * is a wildcard Disallow: /admin/ This definition is to prohibit crawling the directory under the admin directory Disallow: /require/ This definition is to prohibit crawling the directory under the require directory Disallow: / ABC/ The definition here is to prohibit the crawling of the directory under the ABC directory. Disallow: /cgi-bin/*.htm It is forbidden to access all URLs (including subdirectories) suffixed with ".htm" in the /cgi-bin/ directory. Disallow: /*?* Forbid access to all URLs containing question marks (?) adc.html file. Allow: /cgi-bin/ The definition here is to allow the directory under the cgi-bin directory to be crawled Allow: /tmp The definition here is to allow the entire directory of tmp to be crawled Allow: .htm$ Only allow access to the suffixed ".htm" URL. Allow: .gif$ Allows to crawl web pages and gif format images Sitemap: Sitemap tells the crawler that this page is a sitemap

Website Statistics Code

Commonly used are Baidu statistics, cnzz, 51la, such as webmaster statistics for Guangzhou SEO;

Website structure specification unified url

1. Reduce the URL directory hierarchy;
2. The URL structure is neat and can contain keywords;
3. The URL should not be too long;
4. Do not use special symbols.
Summary: The above points are the most basic website SEO optimization knowledge for the majority of SEO novices. Of course, many of them are familiar with SEO and website structure code, and will also optimize the structure and code of the website. SEO knowledge is very deep.
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