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The resumption of work is imminent, test the things you need to consider urgently now

1. Do you have your own website?
Yes (please continue to read → 2)
No (the webpage can be closed, but it is recommended to keep reading)
2. Is the website unattended?
Yes (please continue to read → 3)
No (please keep your high traffic, but it won't hurt you to watch)
3. Do you want to do website optimization?
Yes (please continue to read the text)
No (why not? Let’s keep reading~ Haha)
Choose a reliableSearch Engine OptimizationThe company is something that you need to consider urgently at the moment, but there are also many people who will worry about it.So next, I will teach you a few tricks to identify the strength of SEO companies~ (free of charge~)
XNUMX. Search keywords for SEO companies
This is the most straightforward way. If you search for the company's keywords, but you can't find their company's homepage after turning several pages, then you can pass. If you can't optimize your own website, what else can you do? to help you?
But it is worth noting that if you can see them on the homepage after searching for many keywords, must it be a very good company? NO!Because some companies (not all) will optimize through improper means, that is, "black hat SEO", they can quickly improve their rankings in a short period of time, but if they want to pursue long-term results, they will shoot themselves by choosing them. Feet, because of improper means, are often punished by search engines, and they are just a shooting star streaking across the sky.
Second, analyze the website layout of the SEO company
The layout of the website can clearly see the logic and context of a company. On the one hand, you can check whether it meets your own requirements and preferences. This is related to the difficulty of communicating with this company in the future.You can also see the level of this company. If the logic is not clear, the context is unclear, and the context is vague, then if your website is handed over to them, it will be hard to say whether it will have a good development prospect in the long run.
XNUMX. Browse past cases of SEO companies
Facts often speak louder than words.The key is to look at the "evidence".The strength of an SEO company can be understood by looking at the situation of their other clients.Have you heard of their customers?What rankings will they see when they search for their client's keywords?If you can do well for others, yours will not be too bad.

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