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SEO planning should be done before the website is built

This is a website made by Chinese people. There were two language versions before, German and English.
Later, Chinese was made by a friend of mine. After finishing it, the German company asked to do it again.Search Engine Optimization, after seeing the Chinese interface, I asked whether I could change this or that. The reply I got was, no, the German company requires the same as the original website. Later, I found the original website and saw that the original website does not need to be changed at all. But the Chinese is the same as the original website, it's too different.
In an instant, I felt the feeling when the project was completed and handed over to the operation. It was very difficult.If the website is developed before, can follow米国生活Contact in advance, it will not be the result, I can only say that the construction of the Chinese website has been completed, but it will be difficult to use only after the project is completed.
What should I do? I suggest redeploying the website to a Chinese domain name, modifying the source code in German and English, and then doing SEO and brand optimization. Isn't the Chinese website a waste of time?No, at least the translation is still there.
At present, China is still relatively impetuous, thinking that the website has SEO function, but will it automatically optimize it?What's more, you can buy a website and do SEO after you buy it, but the SEO team and the website team are not the same team. SEO is qualitative work, not quantitative work. The quality of SEO depends on the depth of SEO knowledge and the amount of money spent.However, the SEO results still cannot be guaranteed, except for the content we agreed.
By the way, the international language processing of TYPO3 CMS, which is rarely used in the world but can be considered, still has certain characteristics, which are worth learning.

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