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SEOer and enterprise grow together

It is not an exaggeration to say that companies grow with the help of SEO, but it may be more appropriate to say that companies grow together with SEO.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization, which has undergone various changes and evolutions in the past few years, until now.The changes in SEO are also affecting the way of online marketing, and even the entire marketing environment.However, there are still people who have not followed the wave of development and change, and are still using some old methods. In the early stage, it may be efficient, but in terms of the current level of development, it is no longer useful, especially in SEO copywriting. There are even some dangers in doing so.

Brand-abusing keywords

Some friends who do SEO often limit their brand content and brand information to the scope of keyword research, so that brands lose the charm of authentic information and copywriting when they have the opportunity to communicate with readers, thus losing The reader is full of concentration at first.This feeling of disconnection can hinder the success of the content, no matter how good the content of the article, if the keywords of the marketing are not aligned with the content of the brand.

unnatural writing

It's not a robot who writes an article, and it's not a robot who reads it, so why write an article as if it was written by a robot to a robot?In order to improve the ranking and increase the weight, this kind of behavior is understandable, but the main purpose of your article should be to convey the information you want to convey. If you lose this most important purpose, you will lose your readers.

"Washing" the content

Usually this is some friend's dream to complete a job through software."Washing" content is literally recreating high-quality content using different words, phrases, or long-sentence organization.The end result is an article with the same viewpoints as the original material, but the article is arranged in a mess. It cannot be said that it is an article, because it is impossible to see what it is saying.
With the continuous development of SEO, it is believed that newer, better and more effective technologies will appear in the future, and some of the seemingly more practical technologies we use now may one day be eliminated, but what about the future, what about now Can you assert?To do SEO is to have the mentality of being able to learn and improve continuously, and only such SEOers can be trusted by enterprises and help enterprises to grow together while they grow.

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