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Brand SEO optimization is a "cosmetic knife"

Don't you just think that only years are a "cosmetic knife"? seo too!

Enterprises do seo with the same effect as a plastic surgery knife, but "plastic surgery" is also good and bad, whether to choose "smashing things", or choose "pen to make good fortune, icing on the cake", these depends on whether you choose the right seo outsourcing company.

First of all, a key sentence: rankings don’t necessarily tell everything

If you want to do seo, then open the web page, search for "seo outsourcing company", the ones that appear on the home page, the ones that dominate the screen, or those that appear frequently in the first few pages, these seo outsourcing companies are not necessarily reliable.Here we will talk about "white hat seo" and "black hat seo".

"White hat seo" is a fair method, which is to use seo optimization methods that comply with the mainstream search engine publishing guidelines.It is the opposite of black hat seo.White hat SEO has always been regarded as the best SEO technique in the industry. It operates under the circumstance of avoiding all risks, and at the same time avoids any conflict with the search engine publishing policy. It is also the highest professional ethics of seoer practitioners. standard.

"Black hat seo" means cheating, and black hat seo methods do not comply with mainstream search engine distribution policies.Such as hidden pages, keyword stuffing, spam links, bridge pages, etc.The main features of black hat SEO profit are short, flat and fast, cheating methods used for short-term interests.At the same time, you will face penalties for changes in search engine algorithms at any time.

For example, it is like a person who has undergone plastic surgery. In a short period of time, people see her becoming "unparalleled and independent", but after a long time, she becomes stiff, deformed, and all kinds of problems come out. It's not whole", this is like the "black hat seo" chosen by enterprises, the ranking soars in a short period of time, but this is not sustainable, when the search engine finds that there is a problem of cheating, the website will face severe punishment , when the time comes, it will be worth the loss.

Therefore, I call on enterprises to choose a regular and reliable seo outsourcing company, and choose a company that uses "white hat seo" skills. In this way, although the ranking will be slower, but this kind of improvement is a natural improvement, and only needs to be done later. Carry out routine maintenance work, and the ranking will last for a long time, without worrying about the risk of being punished.

Brand Funnel SEO Optimization

The medical industry is first and foremost an industry that requires trust. Hospitals need to have corresponding qualifications, as well as ability and medical ethics, in order to win the trust and good reputation of customers.What provides customers with trust is brand reputation/brand reputation. We realize the dissemination of brand voice through network promotion and information release, and through optimization, we can improve brand reputation and reputation, and accelerate the sales process.

Brand Marketing Program-BOO-Brand Funnel-米国生活

Through the optimization of the brand funnel, we joined customers for a well-known beauty salon, and achieved a brand value increase of several hundred million within two years. At the same time, the number of live customers increased, and sales increased accordingly.

米国生活Provide one-stop brand optimization,Negative public opinion suppressionand other related services, welcome to communicate with us to get the solutions you need.

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