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seo is dead - a trend forecast for traditional SEO

Search Engine OptimizationDead is a false proposition.On the contrary, in today's Internet era, more and more companies are beginning to pay attention to SEO optimization, hoping to bring more traffic and more conversions to the company in this way. The future of seo will be even brighter.
1. Accurate flow
Want to cast a wide net to catch more fish?But now the users who search on the Internet are very purposeful. Many people push the website to the home page of the search engine or push it to the user in the form of a pop-up window, but the user does not care at all and does not visit your website at all. the purpose.And those users from search are actively looking for your website and your website's products and information. They are the people who really have actual needs, so the conversion rate will naturally be much higher.
2. High cost performance
Although there is no free lunch in the world, there are still good and cheap ones. Just like seo, if you want to ask someone to do seo optimization for you for free without paying for it?Save it!Everyone came out to eat, why bother each other?However, the cost of doing seo is relatively low, and the conversion it brings is indeed limitless. If you find a reliable seo optimization company, it will actually save you money!
3. Long-term effective
Once ad serving stops, traffic stops immediately.Although event marketing is effective, the traffic will naturally disappear after the heat has passed.Ever feel like you're filling in a bottomless pit?And seo is not, as long as cheating is not used, once the search ranking of the website goes up, as long as you pay attention to maintenance in the later stage, you can maintain its effectiveness for a long time, and the traffic will naturally continue.Moreover, seo has no time and geographical limitations. As long as users search online, whether it is daytime or late at night, whether at home or outdoors, the search results are the same. Knowing that your ranking is high, you are not afraid of missing users.
4. Build trust
SEO optimization can not only affect the ranking of the website, but also improve the user's trust in the website. Most people have preconceived notions. If you appear in the front, the users will have a good impression of you, which is also a multiplier for the company to build a brand with half the effort. of.
To sum up, it is a must for enterprises to do seo!

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