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Don't you know how important the user experience of a website is?

User experience, that is, the user's overall feelings before, during and after using a product or system, including emotions, beliefs, preferences, cognitive impressions, physiological and psychological reactions, behaviors and achievements.
The importance of the user experience of the website is also reflected in the above. If the experience is good, users will remember you, believe you, like you, and be inseparable from you... On the contrary, you will go with the wind like dust. .
So if you want to optimize the user experience of your website, where should you start?Today, we are here to talk about

Does loading speed open or close the door?

Clicking on the webpage, the screen is always white, and nothing can be refreshed. What will the user do next?Continue to wait indefinitely?Of course not, the website must be closed!No one has seen your website, so how can you follow-up experience?

Does the visual nature of a website attract or repel?

After the website is loaded, whether the website can retain the color and layout of users depends on it, that is, the first impression it gives others.Of course, web pages include not only color and layout, but also typography, logos, styles, themes, and more.The so-called "Flowers become more attractive, Asakusa can have no horseshoes" website is nothing more than to convey the core content, and whether your core problem is highlighted becomes the key, don't become a horseshoe submerged in grass, otherwise users will think that they are Entered the wrong website.

Is the ease of use of a website a plus or minus?

After retaining the user's eyeballs, the user will start looking for the information they want to obtain.Can they find it quickly and easily?It's not their wisdom, but the leadership of your website, which is the ease of use of your website.Clear and unambiguous navigation tells users "where they are" and "how to get there" when they have a purpose.Instead of a mess of points that can't figure out the direction.Of course there are other details that website builders need to think about.

Is the content Jin Chan or Jin Chan's shell?

The content of the website is the key. No matter how well the preliminary work is done, if there is a beautiful shell, but the content has no connotation, or even nothing, it will not retain users.

Communication with users is silence, gold or sympathy?

Does your website have windows where you can communicate with users?Check it out, if not, act now!If you don’t understand the needs and opinions of users, then you are out of the market. More importantly, if users want your things and don’t know how to contact you, then if you keep users and can’t convert them, everything is not in vain. already?

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