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How do SEO optimizers see market changes from the Baidu search index?

The start of 2020, the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the frequent occurrence of global plagues, the uncertainty of locust plagues, the impact of resumption of work, and the changes in work, make us worried, whether to prepare for the second income, whether to open up customer channels, and whether after the epidemic "the state will allocate it to you." boyfriend"...

Next, we use the Baidu search index to analyze some data. These indexes are proportional to words and represent the demand, or the coefficient of search times on Baidu.

"Mask" search index

Changes in Baidu Search Index for Masks
This is not a wild wolf Disco, but it is indeed a sky monkey, breaking through the sky. From 2020-1-20 to 2020-1-26, the demand has soared by about 100 times.1 month can buy nearly 10 years of masks.

"condom'search index

Changes in Baidu Search Index for Condoms

Although the demand for condoms has declined in recent years, the daily demand is still comparable to the demand for masks under the epidemic, so, only companies like Durex can make up for the huge gap in masks to a large extent by transforming into the production of masks.。2020-1-20至2020-1-26就是你看到的曲线的最后一个波谷,数据一直在“啪”,我很好奇,有你么?

"work from home'search index

Home Office Search Index Changes

And is the data on the growth of condoms directly related to working from home?We saw that when we should have resumed work from 2020-2-3 to 2020-3-9, we could not go out, it was difficult to return to the city, and the supply of masks was insufficient.Although a huge increase can be seen here, it still cannot make up for the small increase in condoms under a large base. Moreover, this data increase is two weeks later than condoms, so it is irrelevant.

"love"Search Index

Love search index changes

Three wonderful discoveries in encountering love: First, the curve of the crackling sound and the curve of love are perfectly consistent, which shows that the overall lookChinese sex is directly related to love;two,The index data of love should exceed the index of sex, 10%-20% of people can't use condoms perfectly when they have love alone. It is not ruled out that some people swim naked, but what is this gap?is the house?Is it a ticket?Are you running out of covers at home?10. In the past 2020 years, the love index has been declining. From 1-20-2020 to 1-26-XNUMX, which is a trough marked by the small red circle in the picture,Love heats up because of the epidemic.

"Second child"Search Index

Second child search index


"Have a baby'search index

Childbirth search index
We see that the data of childbirth is also increasing, but this may be a very hot and unavoidable topic when going home for the New Year. Under this year's epidemic, we have further seen the meaning of life, and the topic of childbirth is also increasing with the Continuing to talk about the pandemic.

However, the sum of these increases is not comparable to the increase in condoms, that is,After the epidemic is over, there will be a lot of children, it is a rumor.Pregnancy during the epidemic is mostly accidental.

"girlfriend'search index

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What are you afraid of without a girlfriend?In recent years, the demand for girlfriends has become less and less, and there has been a small increase under the epidemic, but it is only about the same as usual.why?More and more men, but less and less demand for girlfriends?

"malefriend'search index


Women's demand for boyfriends has been increasing year by year. In January 2019, I didn't know what was stimulated, and it was twice as high as masks (masks are the common demand of men and women, and boyfriends are generally only women's needs),Boyfriend used to be more important than life.Let's look at another short-term data:


It started to increase from 2020-1-24, and the data was about 2 times that of usual, an increase of 100%.The number of women's needs for boyfriends has greatly exceeded the number of men's needs for girlfriends.Although there are more men, women are more in demand.The status of men and women is reversing.Why is this?Maybe it's because women are too good, they have a house and a car, but they can't attract men's interest.At this time, women should probably think about what Chinese men need.

"Buy a house"Search Index


Since the last wave of growth in 2017, demand to buy a home has fallen in stages.Note:

2017-10-18The XNUMXth National Congress of the Communist Party of China proposed "Housing to live without speculation".


Seeing that there has been no decline and fluctuation during the epidemic period,There is little need for growth, mainly on 2020-2-15 because of the eye-catching online home purchase launched by Evergrande.

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Because of this, Evergrande has handed over the first financial report in the real estate industry. You see, when the demand for buying a house is declining, these real estates are on the road of decline. During the epidemic, there is no reason to return the goods. Online payment, greatly discounted, and attractive. In the hearts of people who take advantage of it, the real estate can be perfectly saved.

"high pressure"Search Index

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In November 2014, people's stress surged, Later, with the improvement of stress resistance, the feeling of great pressure gradually decreased, but it was still much higher than that in 2014. Thinking about the National Day in 2014, where are you leisurely?

"make money and make money"Search Index

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In April 2017, there was a peak in earning money (or related to the demand and pressure of buying a house), and it gradually stabilized and showed a downward trend. Perhaps people found that,It's no use even trying to suckle.

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opposite of thisrise is to make money, the more and more people are not willing to make money for others, but find ways to make money for themselves.Roughly speaking, earning money is a working mentality, making money is an entrepreneurial mentality, a businessman's mentality, an entrepreneur's mentality, a freelancer's mentality, and a jobless mentality.From hands-on to brain-to-brain.

"home printer"Search Index


Under the epidemic, in addition to masks and forehead thermometers,Printers are also sold out of stock, out of stock is nothing, after the out of stock, the merchant told me to wait, and the result canceled the arrival reminder for me, the merchant put the product on another link, good horse, the new link's low matching is more than 200 more expensive than the high matching, the original matching is more than the original price If it is 500-600 higher, you can buy 3 N95s in the United States, okay?

"Beauty salon to join'Industry Search Index


The client joins the beauty salon, and it is a well-known brand. Of course, not only the industry and brand business have shrunk, but most of the business has shrunk, and with the resumption of work, it is gradually recovering.

"car"Search Index


Some big Vs said that there will be a car-buying upsurge after the epidemic, Seeing the index of the car, I don’t think so. Without the epidemic, the auto industry will not be able to.It's not that I don't want it, unfortunatelyI'm not a big V, a manuscript has an income of tens of thousands, and I can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. I send a manuscript to fans to spend, and there is no such thing as a chicken feather.There is no car on the road, shake off the no number.


Combined with the index of the car, seeing the downhill map of Mercedes-Benz, you can understand why Mercedes-Benz has made large layoffs.

"No money"Search Index


With the growth of GDP, we seem to be more and more short of money. In May 2018, it was low. I don’t know what event was too much money. There was a peak. By the end of 5 and the beginning of 2018, there was a large area of ​​lack of money. With the progress of the epidemic, the lack of money continued to grow.

"Micro business"Search Index

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Although micro-business has passed the bonus period and is declining, it is now almost back to what it was in early 2019. Apart from work, micro-business may be the last resort for most people.

Leave a message to inform you of the index and industry of interest, let us discuss together, the above data is true, the analysis may not be accurate, just for entertainment.Baidu search:"米国生活" understand us.

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