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How to do google optimization?

Doing Google optimization requires a wealth of technical experience and keeping pace with the times, because Google SEO develops and changes rapidly, and people with a low degree of specialization cannot master platform optimization; and in the specific operation process, we need to pay attention to the following two point:
One: Avoid excessive repetition of keywords
To readers, quality content is much more credible than flashy and incomprehensible web content.Similarly, for businesses, the best web content is designed for users, not search engines.Brands need to set the main frame of their website to clearly display various information such as services, products, and pictures; and excessive reuse of keywords will affect the content of the web page, disrupt the logic, increase the cost for users to obtain key information, and reduce conversions. Therefore, don't be greedy to repeat the same keyword or key sentence many times in the webpage, just click on it.
Two: Make sure the website can be used smoothly on the mobile terminal
According to Smart Insights, about 60% of searches are currently expected to occur on mobile devices, and most searches in the United States are far more on mobile devices than on computers, and the number is continuing to rise.
Therefore, when the enterprise website cannot be loaded or used smoothly on the mobile phone, the rank score of the website is usually not very high, resulting in the failure to appear in the top position on the search page.
If an enterprise wants to check whether its website is satisfied with the smooth use of the mobile terminal, it can enter the URL at for testing.The test will give accurate results, which is convenient for companies to optimize their website.
Finally, in addition to the familiar Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends can also help you reasonably plan keywords; Google Trends is an analysis tool based on search data under Google (similar to Baidu Index);
By analyzing Google's billions of search results around the world, it can evaluate the search popularity of specific keywords in different regions, time periods, and different language environments. Brands can use this data to understand the needs of target groups and plan the next Stage Google marketing plan, continuous optimization of website ranking.
First, understand the factors that affect Google's ranking, mainly as follows: Website structure: A reasonable website structure allows Google to easily search most of your website's content, include a large number of your pages, and pay more attention to your an important factor in ranking.Label design: Search engines like to recognize web pages through some labels, and to judge web pages, Google is no exception.This factor is also very important. PageRank: Also known as the PR value. Google's rating of web pages.It is the most important ranking factor, and I will talk about it in detail below.Website traffic: The greater the website traffic, the more Google pays attention, and it not only updates your website very quickly, but also has great benefits for ranking.
Second, optimize the website: optimizing the website mainly includes: website structure optimization, website label optimization, website page optimization, in order to make it easier for Google to search your website and focus on the keywords you want to rank.
Here is a practical example for everyone to talk about: 1. Structure optimization: To allow GOOGLE to include more pages on your website, the key is to connect each page to each other.In addition, it is best to do a detailed sitemap page. 2. Label design: Web page labels are mainly two labels, one is the page title, the other is the introduction label, and the other is the keyword label.Keywords should be appropriately highlighted in the tags.For example, if you enter "e-commerce" in Google, the first-ranked website homepage label is designed like this: These three paragraphs of labels should be placed between and Note: The length of the title label should not exceed 40 characters (20 Chinese characters) as well.Note: The introduction tag should clearly write the introduction content of the webpage, and highlight the keywords.Don't write too long and irrelevant content of the webpage Note: Writing too many keyword tags is easy to be considered cheating. It's OK to write honestly, and don't write words that have nothing to do with your webpage. 3. Web page optimization: Home page: The home page of many websites is pure FLASH or a picture. The website with this structure is very unreasonable. The home page is the entrance of a website, and it mainly plays the role of navigation.The homepage is best a clear and content page.In addition, keywords should be highlighted in the text content of the web page, and the keywords encountered in it can be bolded.In addition, if there are keywords of other pages in the text, you can add hyperlinks to the keywords to lead to related pages.Note: The less prominent keywords on each web page, the better, preferably no more than 3.In addition, the density of keywords in the web page must be good for me, not too low, not too high or too high.Usually around 3% is more appropriate.

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