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How to read the history of SEO development since 1990?

in this worldSearch Engine Optimizationdevelopment of

Archie was developed in 1990 by teachers and students at the School of Computer Science at the University of McGill in Canada.At the same time, Archie is recognized as the originator of modern search engines.
In 1993, Matthew Gray developed the World Wide Web Wanderer, the first "Robot" program that used the link relationships between HTML pages to detect the scale of the World Wide Web.This stage is the embryonic form of the search engine.
In April 1994, two Ph.Ds from Stanford University, Chinese-American Jerry Yang (Jerry Yang) and David Filo co-founded Yahoo. Yahoo has made improvements to the directory functionality, starting to support simple database searches.
In early 1994, Brian Pinkerton, a student at the University of Washington, started working on the WebCrawler small project. WebCrawler is the first full-text search engine on the Internet that supports searching the entire text of documents.
In July 1994, Michael Mauldin of Carnegie Mellon University integrated John Leavitt's spider program into his index program and created Lycos.At the time, his technology outperformed all other search engine technologies.
At the end of 1995, Alta Vista was launched. It was well received by the public due to its large number of new search functions. Alta Vista was the first platform to support natural language search.
In the field of Chinese search engines, China's start is not too late. Sohu Company, established in August 1996, was the first website to participate in the classification and navigation of management information similar to Yahoo.With the dramatic increase in the number of Internet sites, such human-edited categories are no longer suitable.Sohu established an independent domain name search website "Sogou" in August 8, calling itself the "third-generation search engine".
Before October 1998, Google was just a small project called BackRub at Stanford University who invented a new theory called PageRank to reshape the search engine. Google judges the importance of web pages based on PageRank, which greatly enhances the relevance of search results.
Google received its first $1998 in venture capital in XNUMX, moved out of the Stanford campus, and was officially named Google.
In 1999, a Chinese engineer from InfoSeek left the search engine company and sailed to Beijing. He tried to create a "Chinese own" search engine. This engineer was one of the founders of Baidu, Robin Li.
In 2000, SEO practitioners began to know that if the website can be included in the directory navigation station (Directory), especially the Open Directory Project (Open Directory Project), it will be very helpful to improve the search ranking; Pay-per-click (Pay-per-click) -click) search engine keyword advertising model.
In 2001, paid logins were booming.The search engine market went through a major purge, and people began to abandon the search engines Hotbot, Alta Vista, and Excite.
In 2001, Google Dance appeared, and every SEO practitioner stayed up late on the night of the Google update to see if their SEO results could be realized on Google.At the same time, there are always thousands of discussion posts in online SEO forums, and users expect to know what to expect from the next update, or to guess the specific date of the update.
In China, Baidu began offering public search services in September 2001, and successfully got Sohu and Sina to use its search technology.At the same time, it also provides news search services, rapidly expanding its user base.
2002 was the year that SEO was abused.However, from these struggles against illegal SEO practices, search engines have continuously enriched their identification techniques, refusing to include sites that have been caught, and rejecting those that have already been included.But this blockade has also wronged a lot of honest SEO sites.
2003 was the year that search engines continued to fight back against spam.Tell some SEOs not to use black hat techniques anymore, search engines can already identify them, and they will be punished by search engines.
In 2003, Google squeezed out Alta Vista and Inktomi to become the industry leader.
In 2003, Google's "Florida Update" allowed webmasters all over the world to experience the power of Google.
In 2003, content-based search engine advertising (Google AdSense) appeared.
In January 2004, the aftermath of the "Austin Update" also hit quite a few sites.
On September 2004, 9, Google launched a search engine in simplified and traditional Chinese versions.

The Development and Current Situation of SEO in China

In 2002, some people in China got involved in the field of SEO one after another.
From the beginning of 2003 to the end of 2004, the number of Chinese professionals engaged in SEO was very small at this time, and Google had just entered China not long ago.
In 2004, the latent SEO in China began to surface, and the SEO team gradually grew. The SEO market is in a state of chaos, illegal operations, and vicious competition.Most SEOs are operated as individual workshops, and the company operates on a small scale. The SEO training market was born.
From the end of 2004 to the first half of 2005, hundreds of SEO companies have emerged across the country.
From the second half of 2005 to September 2006, it was the most chaotic period for SEO in China.
Since September 2006, with the rise of SEO training, SEO technology has become more and more popular.
In 2006, with the fierce competition in the Internet market, enterprises have a new understanding of what Internet companies do and network products, and enterprises begin to treat the Internet marketing market rationally. With the prevalence of Baidu bidding, enterprises also realize the importance of search engines. , but also accompanied by the birth of many SEO service companies.
In 2007, with the popularization of SEO information and the rise of the technology of Internet companies, some companies launched SEO service projects of pay-for-effect, from website construction, to keyword positioning, to search engine optimization, and overall SEM network marketing. Program launch and implementation.
In 2008, as the technology and concept of SEO service companies gradually matured, some companies launched website planning services. The service aims at efficient website construction (more emphasis on website user experience) and website user conversion rate, and pays more attention to marketing effectiveness.
In 2009, SEO entered the incandescent stage of development. Whether individuals, teams, companies or training institutions, all vigorously publicize and use SEO technology to operate websites, so that the keywords of the website can be ranked and included faster.
In 2012, the SEO industry entered adjustment, the original service model has been difficult to achieve a win-win situation, many companies have reduced their scale, and some companies have begun to seek new service models.
On February 2012, 2, when Baidu searched for SEO-related words, "Baidu reminds you: Don't trust the rhetoric and cases of SEO companies. Improper SEO may cause risks to your site. It is recommended that webmasters conduct SEO on their sites. Before, refer to reading Baidu's officialWebsite optimizationguide. "This move is considered an important move by Baidu to combat SEO.
On March 2012, 3, when searching for words related to SEO, "Baidu reminds you: SEO is a very important job, please refer to Baidu's suggestions on SEO." This move is considered to be made by Baidu under pressure A compromise, possibly in order to avoid the evasion of similar industry monopoly behavior, recognize the existence of SEO and suppress the development of SEO in disguise.
In May 2012, Baidu launched the Baidu webmaster platform, and the webmaster platform released "Web5 Anti-Spam Detailed Guide" and "Well-known Site SEO Notes", which put forward some valuable suggestions for the reasonable optimization of the site and avoiding cheating.
In June 2012, Baidu updated its anti-cheating strategy, and large-scale websites were K. Baidu claimed that "measures against low-quality sites have taken effect", which led to the website owners jointly launching a large-scale click on Baidu bidding event! Among them, this incident was directly victimized and The hardest hit is medical bidding.
On October 2012, 10, Baidu's anti-cheating algorithm was upgraded to combat cheating in the form of website hyperlinks and buying and selling links.However, the actual investigation found that the upgrade caused the actual participation in the cheating website to be K is very small.
From November to December 2012, Baidu webmaster platform launched a series of webmaster tools (search keywords, Baidu index volume, external link analysis,Website revisionetc.), third-party webmaster tools have been strongly impacted.
On February 2013, 2, Baidu launched the Luluo algorithm to combat various hyperchain intermediaries
On March 2013, 3, the beta version of the external chain tool was refused to be fully open for use
On April 2013, 4, the article "Talking about External Chain Judgment" was published in the webmaster community, which aroused the close attention of the SEO industry.
In the afternoon of September 2013, 5,Baidu web searchThe anti-cheating team issued an announcement on the Baidu webmaster platform saying that a new algorithm "Pomegranate Algorithm" will be officially launched in one week.In the early stage of the new algorithm, it will focus on rectifying pages that contain a large number of bad advertisements that prevent users from browsing normally, especially the spam pages that pop up a large number of low-quality pop-up advertisements and obfuscate the main content of the page.
On July 2013, 7, Baidu Lvluo Algorithm 1 was updated and announced to increase the efforts to filter the external links of soft texts, increase the punishment of target sites, and appropriately punish the sites that publish soft texts to reduce their popularity in search engines. At the same time, the Baidu News Feed site will be cleared out of the News Feed.
On July 2013, 7, Baidu Web Search Anti-Cheat Team issued a statement to crack down on a large number of high-priced acquisitions of second-level domain names or directories, most of which were used for cheating. Severe punishment will be imposed, linked to the entire site, and Baidu News Feed will be blocked and cleaned up directly.
July 2013, 7: Baidu announced the launch of structured data tools. Structured data tools are Baidu's entrance to high-quality structured data. Now there are more and more types of resources on the Internet, and the content is more and more abundant. In order to show users Richer search results, while giving website content a more appropriate display and improving the click-through rate of search results, we have launched structured data tools.
August 2013, 8: The user management function of Baidu webmaster platform was launched. After you successfully verify the website on the webmaster platform, you can obtain the management right of the website and become the owner of the website. The website owner can set advanced settings for the website. Administrators can help webmasters run their websites better by assigning permissions reasonably.
August 2013, 8: Baidu released Baidu News Feed to include all know, Baidu News hopes to include news editorial capabilities, high-quality original information content that matches the site's own theme, and has a certain number of users in its target field Awareness and a sizeable news site.This time, Baidu has made guidelines on the value judgment, site types, inclusion standards, and management methods of news source inclusion.
September 2013, 9: Baidu stated that irrelevant static search result pages will be severely dealt with. Baidu web search anti-cheating team recently discovered that some websites traverse popular keywords to generate a large number of in-site search result pages to obtain search engine traffic, among which a large number of The irrelevant content of the website seriously damages the user experience of search engines and invades the revenue of high-quality websites in the corresponding field. We will take strict measures against such websites, and hope that the webmasters who have this problem will rectify and adjust in time.
September 2013, 9: Baidu official website certification center was launched. Official website certification is a certification service provided by Baidu for the majority of webmasters. After passing the official website certification, the official website logo can be displayed on the search result page to enhance the authority of the website in the hearts of users. to help your website get more attention and clicks.
October 2013: Baidu Recommend is fully open. Currently, Baidu Recommend is completely free for Baidu Statistics users.Baidu promotion users, Baidu Statistics Webmaster Edition users, Baidu Alliance users, and Baidu Advertising Manager users can log in directly.
October 2013: Baidu launched Zhixin Search. Zhixin Search is a new generation of search engine technology released by Baidu. Zhixin emphasizes "what you can find", that is, starting from the industry, based on in-depth data mining and user behavior analysis, through intelligent search requests Determine the vertical industry to which it belongs, and push the content, products and services integrated according to the industry attributes to users.More accurate, more user-friendly and richer to meet the needs of users.
November 2013: Baidu Koubei was launched in a low-key manner. Baidu Koubei provides an interactive platform between netizens and websites, in order to assist netizens in information decision-making by mining external word-of-mouth comments on the site.The ownership, management rights and management rights of Baidu Koubei belong to Baidu Company.
August 2013:Thumbnails appear on a large scale in Baidu search results, Baidu also gave the precautions for drawing on January 2014, 1:

  • At present, the webmaster only needs to put the picture in the main content of the page, Baidu will carry out the corresponding picture recognition and scene recognition, and will provide the protocol specification later;
  • Image size as close to 121:75 as possible;
  • The picture must be closely related to the content of the page. If there is cheating or bad and low-quality pictures, there will be a corresponding processing mechanism: A. Block out pictures; B. Reduce the ranking of URLs in the site; C. In severe cases, the entire site will be affected

December 2013: Baidu launched the "Light Boat" plan, aiming to achieve the goal of 12% mobile resources, so as to realize the mobile transformation and upgrading of Baidu search. The transfer of mobile resources provides the most favorable guarantee.According to the degree of resource mobilization, webmasters mainly have three ways to open adaptation services, to help build mobile stations, and to access the Baidu light application platform.
December 2013, 12: Baidu's self-media platform Baidu Baijia was officially launched. As an original column of Baidu News, Baidu Baijia was established for the first time with the help of Baidu's big data and natural speech understanding technology and other user-specific news recommendation functions. The complete self-media ecological chain realizes the seamless connection between authors, readers, and communicators under the benign interactive conversion of content and advertisements.
1. Severe penalties are imposed on buying illegal links. Websites with more than 40 export links (some well-known sites are not affected), such as link factories, garbage stations, and stations within half a year, all have no weight. All related friend chains will reduce their rights by about one tenth.
2. Added the recognition of hidden links. Now those hidden links on the website have no weight.
3. Severely cracked down on the purchase of links from GVM, educational institutions, and institutions. Baidu has built a database of GVM, educational institutions, and institutions to give special rankings to such websites. Give weight.
4. To crack down on the behavior of optimizing Baidu products, the external links exported by Baidu products will have no weight.
5. Baidu does not give weight to all the links exported from websites that are not affiliated to the Youchain platform. Baidu has built a feature database of the Youchain platform. The website of the chain can be automatically monitored by Baidu's system. After discovering that these websites are added to the website database of illegal links, the links exported from the websites in this database are useless.
6. Baidu has realized the identification of users who post and reply to forums, which are considered by the system as spam and spam replies (Baidu made one based on the top-posting principles of some automatic top-posting machines and some universal replies (that is, very common replies). Feature database, those that meet this feature will be considered as spam links) without weight, non-original (identification principles are the same as original articles) replies, and repeated posts or replies with the same content by the same user are not given weight .
7. Baidu will intensify inspections on foreign space and unregistered websites.
8. Baidu has enhanced the pseudo-original method based on the common collection software.Check for pseudo-originalThe algorithm, such as scrambled paragraphs, keyword replacement, interception and other methods, can now be detected by Baidu, and Baidu will deal with the proportion of the website's pseudo-original and spam content (I don't know the exact amount) and will put the fake content. All original content is removed.
9. Baidu has a limit on the number of collected content (I don’t know the specifics, but the big site has no effect), and it will not be included after the number is reached.
10. Baidu adds a database of suspected purchase links to websites with basically no outgoing links but many incoming links, and conducts key monitoring and manual inspections, and adds a database of suspected illegal links to the incoming links of the website to monitor and inspect.
11Baidu reduces the impact of external links on website rankings, but I don't know how much it dropped.
12. BaiduGive high weight to websites that have been original for a long time.
13. The weight of Baidu's share is greatly reduced (it is very likely that it will disappear directly), because there are too many shares on Baidu, and Baidu does not have an effective solution, so the weight of Baidu's share is greatly reduced, but wait until Baidu has a good defense. After the cheating method, Baidu's sharing weight must be very large.
14. Only give high weight to high-quality blog posts.
ps:High quality criteria: word count, originality, non-spam, number of comments(The same user has posted comments many times and now Baidu can recognize it).
15. Except for high-quality blog post export links, all others will not be given weight.
16. Baidu has been able to identify meaningless content generated by accumulated characters, words, etc. Baidu will consider these content to be spam and punish it.
17. Some methods of sending external links on well-known websites have failed (such as through bookmarks, etc.).
18. Baidu regards the above external links without weights as cheating, and Baidu will add these external links to the database of suspected cheating websites for key monitoring and manual investigation.
2015.03.06, in order to meet the timeliness needs of Baidu users and make it easier and faster for users to find what they are looking for, Baidu web search results have already released the content release time, replacing the previous snapshot time.Inform users of the generation time of web content more accurately,Reduce user selection cost, improve click efficiency, and also improve website conversion rate.Note: For pages such as search result pages, listing pages, and advertisement pages, the publication time will not be displayed in the search results for the time being.
Domestic SEO is dead, and grief is everywhere; foreign SEO is still a key online marketing method, and it has not seen a decline.
米国生活Start the first year of brand SEO and provide a new roadmap for domestic SEOers.
Content source: Compilation based on internet and book content.
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