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How to distinguish white hat SEO black hat SEO from gray hat SEO?

Although it is said that black cats and white cats catch mice, they are good cats, but after all, we are a human world, and we have our rules. Black cats may not only involve illegal activities, but also affect the stability of the brand's website. The following is from the following.

white hatSearch Engine Optimization

White hat SEO is a fair and legal method, which is to use SEO optimization methods that comply with the mainstream search engine publishing guidelines.It is the opposite of black hat seo.White hat SEO has always been regarded as the best SEO method in the industry. It operates under the circumstance of avoiding all risks, and at the same time avoids any conflict with the search engine publishing policy. It is also the highest professional ethics of SEOer practitioners. Standard, SEO should be included in national exams and good work ethics.
Features of White Hat SEO:
White hat SEO is concerned withWebsite optimizationbasic requirements and long-term interests of the company.A website that insists on white hat SEO operation can get good traffic and ranking in the long run, and it will also have a profit point, and the subsequent dependence on search engines will be smaller, and search engines will also accumulate website characteristics for a long time. Store memory.After using the "white hat" technology to optimize the website ranking, there is no need to worry about being punished by search engines, and the ranking will be lasting or even effective forever.
Customer Traits for Choosing White Hat SEO:
Most of the businesses who choose white hat SEO services focus on long-term interests, and are concerned about whether the website can bring profits to the company in 3 or 5 years.After the website is built, there will be a steady stream of traffic from search engines.As long as the website is properly maintained, the popularity and sales of the website will gradually increase, and the advantages of the website in SEO will be used to gradually occupy the market share in 2 to 3 years.
The effectiveness of white hat SEO:
Many people say that white hat SEO takes too long to produce results, so they abandon it. In fact, the length of time white hat SEO takes to produce results is related to the product words made by merchants. It does not bring benefits after 3 or 5 years. Some products may take 3 months. There will be benefits around.The general time period is divided into: 1-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months.
The operation of white hat SEO:
White hat SEO is done through normal means of internalizing a website (includingwebsite code.Website content, keyword density, etc.) adjustment, link building outside the website, a seo technology to improve the ranking of website keywords in search engines.

  • From the beginning of website construction, layout SEO and meet the basic requirements of SEO;
  • Continuous improvement and continuous output of high-quality content may not be immediate, but traffic will increase significantly.
  • White hat is a website that helps you build a brand, with stable user demand, you don't have to worry about unstable search engine rankings.

black hat SEO

Black hat SEO refers to the use of cheating methods that do not consider user experience and are not allowed by search engines, such as: site groups, hidden content, hijacking traffic, hijacking snapshots,big ballCheating and other methods can quickly improve website rankings, although it can makeRapidly improve website ranking, but will be hit by search engines at any time, and some practices have violated the law.You can make the white hat method public, and you don’t have to worry about being copied and surpassing you. The white hat method is mysterious and mysterious, but have you learned the black hat method?

Grey Hat SEO

It is to optimize the website in a way prohibited by search engines, which affects the reasonableness and fairness of the ranking of the website by search engines.At the same time, you may face penalties due to changes in search engine algorithms at any time, but it is difficult to clearly identify violations of relevant laws, such as collection site groups + pseudo-original, keyword stacking, and currently looking at SEO search results, those that violate Baidu search algorithms are still It can be well displayed on the homepage, and the user performance is extremely unfriendly.
Finally, the majority of SEO practitioners use white hat SEO methods to optimize, refer to Baidu SEO optimization standards, improve user experience, and contribute to the search engine network environment.
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