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What is the current state of the SEO market?

how people passSearch Engine OptimizationTo increase website traffic and improve website transaction conversion rate is a problem that SEOers and customers are more concerned about. We briefly analyze the following markets through the current situation at home and abroad:

Domestic SEO market

The particularity of the SEO industry determines that SEO cannot be like Baidu promotion. You can use any word you want, but you may not be able to use which word, and how long it can last. The reason is that SEO is in Baidu and others. We do not have the final say in the operation of search engines on the site. However, search engines should be a fair, just and open business environment. Otherwise, they will grab our information and use them as the data basis of search engines to launch bidding services. Self-interest, it is a violation.Google, also abroad, was fined for crawling news.

The current business model of SEO

1. The internal SEO engineer of the enterprise, as the main person in the promotion and marketing of the enterprise's website, generally has 1-2 people responsible for the SEO of the website, which has become a necessary job position for the enterprise with a website; at present, the boss of the enterprise does not know What SEO is doing may require the issuance of SEO daily, weekly, and monthly reports, but SEO experience and technical capabilities belong to the SEOer’s personal assets, and the work and effects of the SEOer belong to the corporate asset. There are always some bosses who want SEOer to hand over their Trade secrets may be taught a little, but SEOers will always keep their secrets.
2, SEO outsourcing, similarly,Website optimizationIn order to better ensure service quality and compliance, some brand enterprises are willing to outsource SEO work to other companies, because it is difficult to control and grasp SEO by themselves, because they do not have more SEO knowledge and experience, in the field of SEO, more Mostly, the relationship between master and apprentice determines who has the right to speak;
3. SEO hosting is still due to the short-term effect and uncertainty of SEO, which has led to the development and maturity of the SEO industry. SEO hosting pays by day solves the problem of monthly payment but is unstable. The precision is calculated in days. The enterprise will not feel that it suffers a big loss, but this operation method will cause the trustee to take the sky as the profit point and not care about the long-term stability;
4. SEO quick ranking, this industry will never lack talents, these talents are network technology talents, and their abilities in terms of violations and self-protection are relatively high, but these all have certain risks, and they cannot become brand enterprise website optimization. long-term choice.
5. Wanciba screen, nice and cheap, are you excited?Ba Ping is caused by the fact that the previous companies did not have a brand and did not properly manage the brand, resulting in too little information retrieval of their own brand information. Once negative, it is very obvious to go directly to the home page. The purpose of Doing Ping is to suppress the negative. The method of screen is to publish in batches, and there is almost no technology; and Wanciba Ping is developed from the extension of Ba Ping, mainly relying on the purchase of secondary catalogues of high-weight websites, fast and large-scale publishing, pseudo-original collection and publishing, and obtaining responses and high-weight websites are also included in Baidu through a large number of publications to obtain more traffic and clicks, but this is against the search engine algorithm, but the search engine does not strictly enforce the algorithm for this practice, so it will do There will be a certain amount of traffic exposure in a short period of time, but it is not a long-term solution.

SEO and Brand Marketing

Brand marketing needs the support of network technology from the very beginning, especially brand optimization and brand public opinion monitoring and negative suppression, all of which are realized by SEO technology practitioners, but are often outsourced to SEO by brand consulting companies The company cooperates in the form of technical services. We have seen Amway and Vipshop, and found that customers no longer directly seek brand consulting companies, but directly look for SEO technical service companies, which is a kind of progress for customers.

foreign market

Because of the problems of national conditions and culture, listed companies can be built through the above business models. The SEO field in foreign countries is not like the development of the routine market in China, but is very practical.
First of all, the search engine is better than the domestic one. After all, there will be no phenomenon that the full screen violates the algorithm. It seems that we can find more of the content we want from the Google search engine;
Secondly, the development of diversification abroad, instead of turning into a pig in seconds when seeing the wind in China, wants to fly.Study abroad will be betterSearch Engine OptimizationThe details of SEO bring real value to the development of the enterprise, rather than simply taking the ranking as the assessment goal. You can click as many clicks as you want, but you can brush it in China, but foreign countries pay more attention to the essence of SEO. Under this premise, the derivatives are very extensive. The tools, plug-ins, and edge products of the company are all very good technical products and services. Unlike us, as long as there is one company that does quicksort, the whole market is doing quicksort, and only one manufactures Wanciba screen, which even sells soft text. All of them sell Wanciba screens, which lack technical content.

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