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Baidu closes reviews, recommends for you and others are still searching

Following Baidu's closure of website evaluation, Baidu recently closed Recommended for you and others are still searching. What impact will it have on SEO?

What is recommended for you?

Recommended for you when you search on Baidu 米国生活 , click the search result米国生活The official website, then, pop up米国生活Don't close the official website. Finally, go back to the Baidu search page and you will see米国生活There are two more lines below the official website, which are information entries related to the business of the enterprise.
SEO-Website Construction-米国生活Brand mgsh-boo-SEO recommended for you
No more, no more reviews, no more recommendations for you, no more, no more, it has become history.
The same mobile terminal is not only recommended for you, but others are still searching, and it is gone.

Possible causes and effects

Website evaluation is basically a place for brushing orders. As long as there is one negative evaluation, it will generate 100 positive comments, and 10 negative comments may lead to 1000 positive comments. In order to dilute the negative comments and increase the favorable rate, it has no practical significance. .Under normal circumstances, only by looking at bad reviews can you see the real operation of the company. Bad reviews are the way to observe when companies offend people or deal with after-sales attitudes.
The website is recommended for you (PC terminal + mobile terminal), others are still searching (mobile terminal, similar to related searches, but there are some recommended words in the middle), there is no practical significance, but Baidu needs maintenance, there is maintenance workload.For SEO, there may be one less negative source to suppress these terms.
Baidu may be due to the fact that its power is concentrated in other places. These small functions also take up manpower. Baidu chose to release manpower and use manpower for Baidu's sub-products and better traffic interface, such as Baidu applet, professional Q&A, etc. , which is used to vigorously promote the internal circulation of Baidu traffic.
SEO workers should pay attention to the interface with Baidu, as well as the interface between other platforms, public opinion platforms and Baidu, and the interface between their own resources and Baidu to facilitate future SEO operations.

think more

Baidu closed some projects in order to revise and reopen, and now it has been opened, let the bullets fly for a while.And the PC side added that other people are still searching, which was only available on the mobile side before. .

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