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SEO optimization tools commonly used by domestic webmasters

We all know that seo usually uses some tools when optimizing, these tools are convenient for us to optimize and save our time, so we must learn to use these tools.Next, we will introduce the common optimization tools for seo.

Webmaster Tools

SEO comprehensive query can check the information, indexing, backlinks and keyword rankings of the website's major search engines. .
Webmaster Tools is a relatively easy-to-use optimization tool.
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Expand millions of long-tail keywords through one or more keywords, and export multiple keyword Excel tables, including Baidu PC index, mobile index, 360 index, Baidu index, and bidding search volume. 5118 is very useful for mining keywords.
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love website provides a number of webmaster tools such as website indexing query, webmaster query and Baidu weight value query, including keyword ranking query, Baidu indexing query, etc., as well as friendly links and dead links can be checked, etc.
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Baidu Promotion

The keyword planner in the Baidu promotion tool can mine keywords, and if you need to bid, you can also check the bid.It can be downloaded to the form for use.
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Baidu webmaster

Baidu webmaster used to be, and later changed to You can view website information, index volume, crawling frequency, website speed, etc. through Baidu.

Baidu Statistics

Through Baidu statistics, or other statistical tools, such as Youmeng, Miaozhen, etc., you can monitor the visitors of the website to monitor the user activities of the website. We recommend Tencent Statistics on the mobile phone;
Today, I will introduce these four tools to you. When you are just getting into seo, these tools are enough. I prefer foreign tools.

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