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How SEO Improves Keyword Influence

What is Keyword Influence? (temporarily online on mobile)

Keyword influence is a new concept launched by Baidu webmaster platform in response to the site's demand for keyword data analysis.
Site keyword influence: Under specific keywords, the keyword influence corresponding to the revenue obtained by the site;
Maximum keyword influence: Under specific keywords, get the site's influence with the highest revenue;
Overall keyword influence: Under specific keywords, the total amount of influence that Baidu brings to all sites;
The keyword influence algorithm is complex, covering all the revenue indicators that Baidu search can bring to the site under the keyword, including: ranking, Baidu search traffic, display volume, etc.

How to analyze the three values ​​of keyword influence?

By checking the keyword influence, maximum keyword influence and overall keyword influence of your own site, you can get the gap between your own site and the industry benchmark, the overall proportion of your own site under specific keywords, and your site's impact on specific key words. The optimization of words has room for improvement and optimization of cost performance.
Quantify the benefits and effects of the webmaster's SEO work, and see information such as room for growth, industry gaps, the overall situation and changing trends at a glance.

What are the impressions, traffic, click-through rate, and ranking that appear in the search keyword tool?

Impression volume: The number of times search users see your website when they search for a certain keyword on Baidu search engine;
Traffic diversion: only count the number of clicks from Baidu search result pages to enter your website;
Click-through rate: The ratio between the amount of traffic and the amount of display, to a certain extent, represents the optimization space of the website. The smaller the click-through rate, the greater the optimization space of the website;

Ranking: The ranking given in the list of popular keywords and popular pages is the average ranking, which represents the average ranking of the landing page on the Baidu search result page when a search user searches for a certain keyword during the corresponding time period, which is statistical data.

What do popular keywords and popular pages refer to?

Popular keywords: When users query in Baidu search engine, your website gets more traffic (clicks).The tool can provide up to 5W keywords, which are sorted in descending order by default.You can use popular keywords to see which pages users have visited through the corresponding keywords.
Popular pages: URLs with more traffic (clicks) on your website when users query in Baidu search engine.The tool can provide up to 5W popular pages, which are sorted in descending order by default.You can view the keywords that reach the corresponding page through popular pages.

What you can get with the Search Keyword Tool?

The search keyword tool can not only provide the website's daily, weekly and monthly display volume and click volume data, but also the display and click volume data of the site's popular keywords in Baidu search results, and the website's popular keywords today ( There is a data delay of about 5 hours), yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, the custom time period within 30 days and other time dimensions of the display and click data, up to 5W keyword data can be displayed.The tool is designed to comprehensively help webmasters understand the performance of the website in the Baidu search engine, determine the optimization direction of the page and website, and provide an analytical basis for website operation decisions.
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