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What are the nofollow and _blank setting principles for SEO hyperlinks?

Beijing SEO Company: Every detail needs a basis and principle. Today we will discuss how to make links and link titles.

How to Make Anchor Text Links

usually do aSearch Engine OptimizationAnchor text, we only need to add a link to the text, but the link has a text link and a picture link, and the picture link has the distinction between alt and title, we are in "The difference between the alt and title attributes of the img tag in the HTML language of the website" There are instructions, here we set up an anchor text link, the anchor text is to explain what this article is for:
The difference between the alt and title attributes of the img tag in the HTML language of the website
Anchor text link_blank-Beijing SEO Company
But this link does not indicate what the nature of the link is, so you can add a title, such as:

The difference between the alt and title attributes of the img tag in the HTML language of the website

So why add a title, see Baidu search page title specification: Title can improve the attributes of links.
What are the Baidu search page title specifications that SEOers need to master?
Baidu optimizationTitle format:

  • "List/channel name - Superior Channel(can save) - site name"
  • "Topics - attribute1 - attribute2 - site name"
  • "Content title - List/channel name(can save) - site name"

Articles, lists, topics, etc. all need title optimization. The reason for the need for titles is because they all have links. Links are web pages, web pages are the objects that spiders crawl, and they are objects that are included in the index library. Our anchor text is the same, anchor text. If there are more links, the website will have more links and the index volume will be large. Tag tags, categories, etc. are all optimized to expand the index volume. Of course, it can also help the user experience to view the same type of articles.

nofollow settings for anchor text links

When we set the link, the general CMS system may provide nofollow settings, so how to do nofollow, the technical operation is to add a rel attribute to the a tag, rel=”nofollow”.
Such as:


target is the target displayed after the link is opened, _self is to update the current page, _blank is to create a new page;
rel is the relationship between this web page and the target web page, the abbreviation of relationship, nofollow means that this web page does not transmit weight to the target web page.
Of course, some link settings can already be visualized, such as米国生活The configuration of the official website, the title attribute is title, the target is target, the new window is _blank, and the relationship is rel
rel-nofollow tag settings-Beijing seo company

What are the nofollow and _blank setting principles?

Try not to have too many nofollows. On the one hand, too many can be understood as not wanting to pass weights, and on the other hand, it can be understood that the target page is useless.Therefore, the website should try to use as many links as possible to correlate with each other, indicating that each page in your website is useful, and inline transfers the weight of the high water to the location, so that each page has a ranking and improves the website weight.
The requirements will be relatively high. The pages of the website should not frequently modify the links and link URLs, so the dynamic web pages are fine, and there is basically no URL problem. If it is a static URL address, then the website directory structure of the static URL address should be determined in advance. Modify it casually, otherwise, there will be a lot of dead links and outdated snapshots in the above links, which is enough for you.
Further reading: What if all web pages are placed in the root directory?Generally speaking, it is not good to put it in the root directory, because the obvious website has no structure, and it is difficult for crawlers to crawl the content. A website with a structure is conducive to intelligent crawler analysis and search. You think, crawlers are also written by people. How is the logic?How about reptiles.So why do so many people put web pages in the root directory?Because websites are all small websites, dozens and hundreds of articles will not tire the crawler, and it can also centralize the root directory/root domain name, which has certain advantages; if it is tens of thousands of articles, it is recommended to use the directory. CallMultithreading, the efficiency is definitely faster than a single thread.
_blank is best based on user habits. If the content of this page is very detailed, you will have a link at the beginning, and the link is still very attractive. I recommend using _blank, so that users can continue reading after reading it. If you use _ self, then click the browser back button after reading that article. This needs to be literate. It puts forward requirements for users, and does not let users read your article like a fool, which affects the effect.

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