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What are the mainstream search engines at home and abroad?

If you want to do search engine optimization or search engine marketing, you first need to have a comprehensive understanding of the search engine market.Beijing SEOCompanyThe prerequisite for accurate judgment of the main battlefield.In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of search engines, we analyze from both domestic and foreign perspectives. Because of the limited level of scientific cognition, we do not discuss search engines in the outer galaxy Internet market, but only assume the possibility of their existence.

Domestic search engine

Baidu search engine

Baidu, you will know that Baidu search engine was founded by Li Yanhong in Zhongguancun on January 2000, 1. At the end of 1, Robin Li saw the market of search engine development in Silicon Valley, the world's leading place in technology. With experience in search engine technology, he recognized the opportunity of this development trend in the Chinese market, and resolutely returned to China to develop and create information for the country. Opportunities to connect.
Features of Baidu search engine:

  • Baidu Encyclopedia claims that Baidu search engine is the largest Chinese search engine in the world.
  • 120 ... 404

In addition to the search portal of the web version, Baidu has added an APP, which has increased the stickiness and users used by Baidu on the mobile terminal.In addition, Baidu has developed sub-brands in various aspects, trying different links, allowing the business market to directly connect with it and output it to users through its sub-products, realizing all-round search result control. Privileges, it is difficult to borrow Baidu for display without docking.Of course, this is not absolute, because it is impossible for every son to be the same size as Lao Tzu, but it is only said that there are advantages in some aspects. For example, articles from Baijiahao are easy to appear in information, but not necessarily all Baidu search web result pages. limited options.

360 search engine

36o did not have a good grasp of the development opportunities and development methods of the previous 3721. Baidu Encyclopedia recorded that: 3721 was called "the first and one of the largest rogue software in my country" on the Internet at that time, and has now ceased operation.
After 360 develops users through free antivirus software, develops browser users through the packaging and installation of free antivirus software, and develops search by means of browsers, its domain name is still good, but it is just that.Because Baidu may not be able to find some content, 360 and Sogou can occasionally search.

Sogou search engine

All search engines start out with technology. The founders themselves have certain technical capabilities, technical ideas, and technical vision. However, if a search engine wants to make money, there seems to be no good way to do it except advertising, but advertising needs users. Users need to get used to it, develop users through Sogou search engine through Sogou input method and browser, and obtain advertisements through some pleasant but impractical ways. According to my experience, I have no ability to find customers through advertisements. After all, customer choice is not only due to traffic, but also brand factors and web page quality factors. Therefore, some advertising fees are not of much real value.
Like 360, its user volume and ecology are difficult to compete with Baidu. What is the ecology?Ecology is accumulation and development history, which requires the PK of people and time.

Microsoft Bing search engine

Relying on the windows operating system and IE browser to develop customers, the default bing search:
Its search ability is still good, but people may be used to Chrome browsers, Firefox, etc., and at the same time they are used to Baidu. In many cases, the default Microsoft Windows and IE do not play a strong role, but they always have a role.

Shenma search engine

Jack Ma prefers product names or explanations related to the word "horse", such as Ant, Hema, Shenma, and Tiangong. Taobao restricts Baidu's crawling through the robots protocol, because Jack Ma does not want Baidu to be the entrance to Taobao, but wants people to search Taobao directly. Because of advertising costs, Jack Ma once said to Robin Li that he would develop a search engine with others to shake Baidu. Unfortunately, Jack Ma did not understand the competition threshold of this market at the time. Huawei mobile IE browser cooperation, how?Huawei has its own built-in search engine.Ha, in the shopping mall, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

Huge search engine

Many SEOers got the information that Toutiao is a search engine for the first time, and were worried about the uncertainty of search engines. You should see the level of SEOers when they speak. Have SEOers studied marketing? How much do SEOers know about SEO techniques?Can you have an accurate understanding of the way and substance of Toutiao's profit?
Also, what is the role of the executive?Executives are just managers, not entrepreneurs. The role of executives as entrepreneurial projects depends on whether they have the basic growth force required by entrepreneurial projects, not the icing on the cake (if the management is good, the icing on the cake is the icing on the cake, but if the management is not good, you can become a Buddha directly. ), the role of executives in the search engine industry is extremely limited.

Huawei search engine

As always, the wolf-like culture relies on Huawei mobile terminals to do built-in search in mobile phones, because Shenma has no foundation, and Huawei mobile phones use IE to search, and judgment can basically replace Shenma to a large extent, no other evaluation, and silent observation Its direction in this new industry, the right way to communicate privately.

Global Market Search Engine

Global Search Engine Share -SEO-米国生活

google search engine

Baidu said, you come once and I will win you once, although the strength is improving, but there is no lack of the spirit that I should have in China, if you want to use Google, you should go out.

Microsoft Bing search engine

The Microsoft Bing search engine has been mentioned earlier.

yahoo search engine

One of the companies that started out as a search engine is destined to win or lose because of the oligopolistic nature of the search engine industry.

Yandex search engine

Yandex, the largest search engine in Russia, does not want Americans to control the answers to questions, so it has to have its own search engine. Because search engines are an important medium for market information interaction, they should play an important role in the market.

DuckDuckGo search engine

duckduckgo - search engine

DuckDuckGois an Internet search engine that focuses on user privacy and avoids filter bubbles caused by personalized searches.It differs from other search engines in that it doesn't analyze its own users and show the same results to all users who use the same set of keywords.It also emphasizes returning the best results, not the ones with the most website links.It introduces content from other independent sources in search results, more than 400 in total, including crowdsourced sites like Wikipedia, other search engines (eg Bing, Yandex, Yahoo! Search).In November 2019, it processed an average of 11 searches per day.
DuckDuckGo introduced in 2011voice searchservice, but only available to users who have installed the relevant extension on Google Chrome.
On January 2019, 1, DuckDuckGo announced that all searches related to maps and addresses will be partially powered by Apple Maps, covering desktop and mobile devices.
In March 2019, Google made DuckDuckGo one of Chrome's default search engine options.
have a future.

Search engine classification

Site Search

It is to search on its own website and its own database, without the process of external retrieval and storage, such as

  • Taobao site search
  • Search in

public search

After crawling, retrieving, storing, and entering the search database, the web pages on the network need to be processed by the search algorithm in their own search database, and the search results of their own algorithms should be provided to the public.



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