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How can a website be made SEO friendly?

The purpose of search engine optimization is to be friendly to search engines. Search engine friendliness is to deal with the relationship between the website and search engines. Maintaining a good relationship is to make each other feel comfortable. How to make search engines feel comfortable and website editors feel comfortable , Making visitors feel comfortable is the principle of our search engine optimization. This article focuses on how to make search engines feel comfortable and friendly.

Simple, easy to remember, and repetitive will create convenience for us to learn. If we learn textbook knowledge, it will be simple, easy to remember, we will memorize a lot of knowledge and understand a lot of truth. The same is true of machine learning, easy to remember, simple, and repetitive. Machines grow faster, but search engines are composed of different machines, including web crawler machines, robots, indexing machines, and PageRank machines. Combined with the artificial Aladdin management cockpit, the search engines work hard while It is also affected by manual control.
So how to make the content and structure of the website easier to remember, simply and repeatedly submit to search engines?

Simple Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Website URL is simplified, regularized, tagged and structured.Replace Chinese characters with English or pinyin letters (search engines can recognize Chinese characters, but during the transcoding process, the Chinese URL will become very long, and the length problem may occur when submitting webmaster tools), through tag tags, website directories, etc. In a structured and regularized way, search engine spiders can easily memorize these fields.

Search Engine Optimization Repetition Tips

Through the regularized URL record, the search engine can repeatedly judge and reuse the structure of the URL, so that the search engine can directly enter the regularized tag structure and directory structure, which is one of the repeated friendly performance of the search engine.
In addition to the fact that the structural part in the URL directory will be repeated many times due to different URLs, when we build links, we can also make the anchor text of the link repeated, whether it is the anchor text of the internal link or the anchor text of the external link, only The more repetitions are made, the deeper the search engine tags are. The so-called, simple things are repeated.

Easy-to-remember tips for search engine optimization

Search engines are smart, but they are also stupid, and that's where our SEO optimizers come in.Intelligence only means that it has the ability to analyze, but its analysis is based on a database, that is to say, how developed his database is, determines how big his intelligent space is; how detailed its analysis algorithm is, determines its intelligence level; its calculation How fast the algorithm is, determines how fast it reacts.How big the data space is depends on the realistic ability, vision and imagination of the search engine, we can't decide, but we can improve its search ability under its current level of intelligence and reaction speed.

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