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How to build internal links for website optimization SEO?

Website internal link, as the name implies, is the mutual link between content pages under the same website domain name (the content of your own website is linked to the internal pages of your own website, also called intra-site links).Reasonable website link structure can improve search engine indexing and website weight.Relative external links, internal links forWebsite optimizationIt is also very important.

Basic requirements for internal chain construction

1. Under the same pageDo not have different links for the same keywords, web link field+Key wordsFields are primary keys.

2. Under the same pageDo not use different keywords in the same link, web link field+keyword linkThe field is the primary key, otherwise the second keyword will return a 301 code for the link.
3,Requires keyword links on the same pageIt can be scaled according to the page text and quality.
4. There should be no more than 5 keyword links on the same page, including core keywords and absolute information content,Article title link.
5. The core keywords under the website account for 80% of the first-level links on the homepage, and the absolute information index page can occupy 20%.
6. WebsiteMultiple core keywords are carried out by time periodWebsite optimization for internal linking.
7. Under the special column, the main keywords of the column are used as link keywords.
8,When the core keywords appear on the page, the home page is the preferred link, the column keywords start withColumn address link.Long-tail keywords are linked with highly relevant absolute paths.
9. The number and proportion of website page links and overall internal links need to be determined according to the actual weight of the website in the search engine.This is more difficult to grasp. If you don't grasp it well, the website will easily lose its authority.

The role of internal links in SEO optimization

Control costs

You can directly deploy on your own site, unlike external links, which are uncontrollable and require long-term accumulation to achieve stableSearch Engine Optimizationeffect.

Improve indexing efficiency

It helps to improve the crawling and indexing efficiency of the website by the search engine, and is beneficial to the indexing of the website.For a page to be included, it must first be crawled by search engine spiders. The spider's crawling trajectory is to follow one link to another link. If you want search engine spiders to crawl better, you generally need to guide them through backlinks. , but the crawling of the inner pages requires good internal links. If you do not pay attention to the formation of dead links and broken links, the spider will not be able to climb up, and it will not be a good index.

drive rankings

A good internal linking strategy can drive a website's front of search engines,A link is a vote, external links are mutual votes between websites, while internal links represent mutual votes between pages within the website.Supporting a specific page with a large and moderate amount of internal links helps to focus on the topic of the content page, prompting search engines to identify which pages are important in your website, and then promote the ranking of the page.Therefore, in the process of search engine optimization, which pages in the website participate in the ranking competition of the main keywords, we generally willTake internal links that focus on the main keyword, so that the core keywords in the topic have more ranking advantages in search engines.

PR delivery

Internal links also contribute to the delivery of PR, and the average authority of the pages on the site.Internal links are also counted as "backlinks" by search engines, and pages that get more internal links usually get higher PRs.Let's take a simple example to prove it.Websites with reasonable internal links hardly need to exchange affiliate links with any website, and the PR can reach more than 3, This is the truth, which is why the PR of large websites is often relatively high.If the indexing situation of some article pages or PR transmission is not ideal, we can consciously do more internal links in the past, which can promote indexing and improve ranking.

boost traffic

Good internal links can improve user experience, increase PV, and increase traffic.Internal links manifested as related articles, popular articles, latest articles, etc. can easily improve the user's access experience. The more excellent internal links are deployed, the greater the chance of the page being clicked, and the more obvious the increase in PV.The internal links of these related articles cannot be abused, and you should try to link to articles on similar topics, otherwise you will not be able to improve the user experience.

boost weight

Do a good job in website navigation

I think it is very important to do a good job of website navigation first, which can help visitors quickly find the parts they care about. Good navigation must be concise and easy to understand, and do not use pictures, because this may sometimes mislead visitors. Larger sites, in addition to doing In addition to the main navigation, you can also do some sub-navigation and breadcrumb navigation, which can be betterImprove user experience, enhance the effect of network promotion, and improve website authority.

Increase internal link depth

In order to quickly see the effect of website promotion, webmasters often link many external links to each other.Use sprockets to increase the weight, the same internal links also need to be linked to each other. When visitors finish browsing a page, they must also have a link to enter the next page.Avoid customers entering dead ends, which is why you often see buttons such as related articles, next articles, and previous articles at the bottom of the inner pages of the website, which can increase the link depth and strengthen the weight transfer between inner pages, so that you can To improve the internal chain construction from the whole.

Anchor text usage

There is no doubt about the role of anchor text in enhancing the weight of the website, but everyone should have a certain degree when making keyword anchor text. Generally, it is enough to add anchor text when the keyword appears for the first time on the page of the website. That’s it, the keyword anchor text produced in this way can increase the weight.As a reminder, generally speaking, the number of times the keyword anchor text appears 1-3 times is enough.Another point that is often overlooked by everyone is that the bottom keywords are added to the home page. Everyone has used this method, which is to add a home page designated keyword to the page. Of course, the effect is not as direct as the anchor text, but it is better than nothing. It's about being attentive.


If you want spiders to stay on your site for more time, you need to make the site more attractive. At this time, you need to build a site map.It is best to have both htm and xml, Because Baidu spiders can't crawl through your site layer by layer, if your website content is not attractive enough, spiders don't have enough patience to crawl next to each other, so with map spiders, you can stay on the website for more time , to improve the website's collection, this promotion will be effective, a good method will get twice the result with half the effort, if there is no good method, it will be done in a down-to-earth way.

Internal link SEO optimization standards

First, aGood internal linking sites are often reflected in the amount of search engine indexingsuperior.If the index of a website is stable and continues to increase, it means that at least the internal links of this website are handled properly.

Secondly, if the website has a good overall structure, the PR delivery of the entire website should be very uniform, the home page is the highest, the column page is next, and the content page is again.If you consciously promote some important pages through the internal link strategy, you can affect PR through the links of the web pages. When the PR value and importance of these pages increase, it means that your optimization of internal links is successful.

Finally, the pv value increases, the bounce rate of visitors decreases, and the user experience increases.

Internal Link SEO Optimization Tips

There are many methods and principles of internal link optimization. Here are some methods that are applicable to most websites.
(1) Do it for the websiteLogoTo add a link, check that the website's logo has a link to the home page.
(2) If the link isimage, then check whether the image has the correct alt tag.
(3)Make full use of navigation, bottom area, copyright information and other positions to increase internal links.
(4) The website navigation link is an important line for search engine spiders to crawl downward, and it is also a bridge to ensure the intercommunication between website channels. It is recommended to useText link.Avoid using embedded Javascript files for website navigation.If you want to use a picture as a website navigation link, you need to add alt, and add a text link under the picture as an auxiliary.
(5) Add internal links to the content of the article.The keyword inside the article is a place to plant a large area of ​​internal links, but don't add links to a keyword repeatedly, once is fine, twice is reluctant,Back to the home page with tags such as strong, h and em.
(6)Links to articles on similar topicscan help readers discover content that interests them.Also, this can increase the content link of the article.You can also manually add related articles below an article.
(7)in the FAQ page, lists frequently asked questions that can be answered by the article.Use keywords in the content that readers like to use when searching for questions to improve search rankings, as well as linking to articles in the content.
(8) Every article uses2~3 TAGs, Use tags to increase internal links to allow pages to communicate with each other, and set TAG to be static!
(9) Use less or try not to use javascript file links. Although javascript files are easily called in the page, they are not friendly to search engines.
(10)Popular tags and popular search keywords on the homepage, while building a good internal chain while improving user experience.
(11) RSS feeds of some major channels can be put on the home page to speed up the inclusion.
(12)The channel page must have recently updated articles, popular articles of the channel, and randomly called articles.
(13) make aPopular pages, put all the important pages of the website and several pages with large search engine traffic, and preferably let them appear on the home page to maintain the weight of popular pages.
(14)Reduce page-level links.When search engine spiders crawl website pages, there are no requirements and restrictions on the depth of the website, but reasonable hierarchical pages,More conducive to spider crawling, more friendly to search engine optimization.
(15) Links should appear as close as possible.SearchWhen spiders crawl pages, they crawl website content in top-to-bottom order., the more important the content is, the closer the page to the website keywords should be in the top position of the website, which is more convenient for spiders to crawl.In addition to these methods, specific operation methods should be designed according to the characteristics of the website itself. For example, for Sina, its news page has SEO advantages, so adding a link to the news page is a good choice.
(16) The ingenious pointing of the inner chain.Generally on my website, a certain core word will appear in the first sentence of each article, sometimes many times. The keyword density of the homepage.And when keywords appear many times, you will find that their points are not always on the home page, but some of them flow to the column pages. The specific reasons have been analyzed above.
(17) on the websiteBanner copyrightplace, be sure to make a keyword link,This is very important, also do a sitemap, which will be more conducive to spider crawling!

Please Note

1. Respect the user's experience, pay attention to the relevance of links, and don't over-flood internal links.Links with high relevance help to improve search engine indexing, and help to improve user experience, increase user stickiness, and then increase website page views.If an article appears 50 times with the keyword SEO, you can't always add internal links every time, right?This will only offend readers.The same keyword appears many times in the text.It only takes one to three links.

2,Internal links must ensure the uniqueness of the URL.Especially for dynamic websites that have been statically processed, only one link can be retained.Links to a specific page can only have one link, and the number of links cannot be too many. It is easy for search engines to fail to determine which is the correct link page, and then classify it as a duplicate page, thus failing to gain any weight.

3. Internal links should pay attention to prevent dead links and broken links.The speed of internal links is also an important parameter to measure the reliability of a website, a good space or a good server is very important.

4. The number of internal links on each page should be controlled.If the number of internal links on a page exceeds the limit, search engines may ignore the page, or ignore the target page for the part of the page that exceeds the limit.Generally speaking, the number of internal links to a page should be limited to 100 or less.

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